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ski advice please

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hi i would like to see if i can save some some cash by buying my skis in the off-season i could really use some advice.

I am 5' 10" 160lbs and in good shape

I am a borderline 8/9 skier and get 50-80 days a year

I am looking for a ski that is stable at fast speeds and carves well in medium and long radius turns.The ski should also gripe well on hard icy snow(i ski in western new york mostly). The catch is that a also need a ski that i can ski bumps in. I ski the zipper line with my legs togother and absorb as much as i can. Is their a ski that can do all this or do i need to buy a crave ski and a bump ski?

I have the following skis in mind but am open to all opinions.

volkl allstar or 6 star,fischer rx8 or 9, k2 crossfire

I would demo but that is not a option for where i live.
thanks in advance
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New Skis

Bump Skier, can help a little, Fischer RX9 would not be a good bump ski. great for cruising GS turns very stable at speed but I don't think it is a good bump ski just ok. Good luck on your search, when you decide don't forget to post your WANTED on this site. I bought my wife new skis this year on Epic and was very happy with them and the pricel. Pete
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I know a couple of really good bump skiers who ski are on the Dynastar Trouble Maker. I don't know much about it, except that its a twintip freestyle ski and that its pretty good at all-mountain. I can't fully recommend it, but it definitely is worth researching.
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It seems that you need to make allowances in one area or another. Depending on the nature of the bumps, it seems ideal to have a more flexible ski. However, this is not best for fast hard pack carving. I used to ski on an 172cm Scratch FS, which worked wonderfully in most bumps, but were terrible everywhere else. Ever since, I've been skiing on much stiffer skis all over the mountain, bumps and hard pack, and the slight trade off in flexibility and greater forgiveness in moguls has been worth it. While I have unfortunately not used any of the skis you have named, a pretty stiff ski like the 6 Star is going to be more difficult in bumps, but still quite usable and enjoyable if you are "on your game". I know the RX8 is a softer ski, and for your weight and ability, it might be exactly what you are looking for in terms of versatility.
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an all mountain slalom ski would probably be a good option 175cm ish. Check out fischers. Elan have some good all mountain boards too. Of course if u wanted the best two pairs of skis would be a plus. Good Luck
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two threads tha might be of help. The 2004 Rossi Bandit B1 is a fine bump ski and nice around the mountian as long as not too much snow. Good carver.





2004 B1 can be found cheap on line - a little over $300 or in package with S810 (ok, but not great) bindings and poles for $435 - and locally for me at $299
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i would like to thank everyone for their input but i could could use more advice as i have not bought new skis yet. Here is somemore info about me and my thoughts on the skis people have suggested.

I teach skiing and would like to impove my technique. Next year i plan on having 3 pairs of skis, a old beat up pair of k2 merlins in 160 as rock skis, a rossignol 9s worldcup slalmon ski in 155 for a little racing and when the snow is rock hard and the pair i am asking for advice on as my primary everyday ski.

I know i want these skis to be narrow(waist being 70 or less) and i do not want a twin tip.

I do almost all of my skiing on small hills-peek'n peak ny or holiday valley ny with maybe a trip or 2 to new england per year. so i dont really care how they do in powder but they should be decent in beat up cruddy snow.

I do ski alot(50-80 days a year)so my skis need to be very well made and able to stand up to lots of moguls and a few jumps.

The skis am looking at now are the 05/06 version of the k2 crossfire, volkl 5 star, fischer rx 8 or 9(i know "pete no idaho" said the rx9 was to stiff but ski mag gave it the highest bump score for a carving ski?). Which one of this would fit the bill or is there another ski im missing.

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