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Thanks for the quotes... Did you submit a photo or are you just going to sit back and flame the people who actually took the time to submit one of their pics.

Yeah, that guy is in the backseat, but if you're going 50 down steep pow, it will almost always look like you're in the backseat.

Powder skiing RULES!!!!!!!!!
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That's how I read them too - though not irony, exactly, just a bit of wit! And definitely not a dig at either skier or photographer.

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Yep, scotski.
I used irony for lacking of a better word.
Wit is better.
Anyway, irony or wit, seemed turned toward the writer himself, not toward the skiers, isn't it?
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True... True...

Wit is ok and acceptable. I just get tired of the whole attitude that people have these days that they have to poke fun at everyone else for no apparent reason.

I'll accept his "wit" though, but wish he would've showed his "wit" in his skiing abilities and not in his "wittyness"...

It's dumping along the Wasatch front again... bittersweet...
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given forum and discussion, obvious irony. wit. HarpoHumor. Bullseye.
(makes for nice wallpaper, too.)

[ April 19, 2002, 09:10 AM: Message edited by: ryan ]
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I was filled in on your past experience getting picked apart by the PSIA staff at these here forums.

Lame... As a former instructor, I'm glad NOT to be associated with some of those guys. Some take things way too seriously when all you're trying to do is have fun.
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Powderboy, welcome to Epicski.
Aren't you being a bit touchy?
Harpo post is by no mean trying to flame the guys.
It's irony.
At least, I read his post this way.
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