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seth vicious vs mojo 90

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This season I am looking to spend a season in Whistler. I am 5'11" and 150lbs. I ski a 161 supersport on groomers and am very happy with them apart from the slightly soft base. I am looking at getting an all-mountain, powder/park ski. The seth gets great reviews but I am unsure as to length, would a 169 give me enough versatility. I am worried I mind find a 179 alot of ski and too hard to handle. Also what does everyone think of the mojo 90, I have read dePierres' review of the seth and scratch but I am comin g from a less advanced level (6 or 7) and was wondering how this should affect my decision, thanks .
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For your size 179 is not the problem, but for your ability the stiffness of both skis maybe is. You should maybe look for a softer ski around that length. The Elan 999 comes to mind. It's a really soft ski that's easy to ski and floats awesome. They have a 181.

Another option would be Line Mothership Flite in a 182. It has a huge twin tip, so it's really like skiing a 177. It's a nice and light ski.

The Rossi Scratch Sprayer could work or maybe even the Scratch BC.
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I would look at Volkl Karma. Easy turning, softer than a Mojo90.
I picked up a pair of 999s cheap at the end of the season and I'm looking forward to using them on pow days, but can't see using them all mountain, they really are soft.
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Find a 179 Pistol or go w/ the Vicious. Mojo's will be a little much for a level 6.
The Pistol is softer and has more sidecut than the Vicious. The Karma is along the same lines as the Mojo and will require greater skill than a level 6 to really enjoy it!

If I were you I would find a 179 Pistol and mount a little bit forward{+3} At your weight and ability level it would make a great forgiving soft snow condition WB ski for you!

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I am around 8 ish I think and a little under your height and weight and I just got some Mad Trix's that would seem to do the trick. They are the predecessor to the Mojo. I think the Mojo SHOULD be fine even if you are around a level 6 skier, because you probably are going to improve to be able to fully enjoy them if you're going to be skiing the challenging stuff at Whistler alot. While you might be a level 6 coming into the season, by the time you're out of it you probably will improve at least a level or two if you ski there alot.
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Hmm.. tough call... I've skied both, the SV 169 & Mojo90 166. I'm 5'6" 140 lbs & ski WB (what an incredible season this year!). Since you already have the Supersport, I'd say go for the SV which is the better powder stik by a long shot.

The Mojo's are better all around & better in the park. But I find they didnt float very well when it was true bottomless pow (maybe cuz I've got them mounted at the mark which is quite forward), too much tail. They are very versatile ski, carves & hold an edge on the groomers. It's stiffer than the SV's and likes to be skied fast & handles the chop better.

THe SV's on the other hand are great in the pow, super float. But doesn't handle nearly as well as the Mojo's on groomers/hardpack. I don't usually ride in the park, but they dont handle quite as well the Mojo there either.

I love the Mojos but wanted something even wider for the pow, which is why I chose the SV. As far as length goes, I'd say the 169 SV would be fine. I'm 10lbs lighter & shorter than you and I find the 169 SV to be great but a bit of work in really tight places. The 169 SV skis a lot longer than the 166 Mojos.

I think that K2 uses the running length to measure their skis, cuz the 169 SV is a lot longer standing beside the 166 Mojos.

All that being said, you couldnt go wrong with either ski. See what you can get the best deal on. If you get the SV, mount them +3. If you get the Mojo's mount them -3.
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The Scratch BC is def. not a choice for you that's for shure! It is way to hard to handle if you dont have the power and technique. I have the BC in a 178 and i am 174cm tall (5'9" 70kg) and i love them! I find the Mojo90 in a 176 a perfect allround ski, but i'd say that I am a high 8 or a 9 and i like to go a bit too fast... So i think a smaller SV would be great for you! Good Luck!
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Personaly, I have 189 SV's, and I loved em. Granted, didn't get to ski em as much as I would have liked, however, I found them great in the pow and very skiable on the groomed/chopped snow. Personally, I found them to have 3 different personalities when it came to turns. Powder, they just had me in awe, on groomers, they loved to rail and just run, but what surprised me was that I felt you could tell the sidecut was based on a snowboard sidecut, doing "schmerey" turns on groomers felt oddly like making similar turns on a snowboard.

Given your weight and ability (level 6/7), the Mojo's might be too stiff for you, but if you are using this ski in tougher terrain and using other skis for general cruising days, then it might work. I have found that I loved skis on steep, tough terrain that I was not a fan of on groomers.
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Just got myself some 179 Seths. Been reading up alot on k2factoryteam.com as well. Going to mount them at +3. Getting rid of the volkls as they are a bit squirmy and got some 178 scott p3. Going to use the scott in the park/groomers and the seth off-piste . Got em with marker 12 bindings, not the best binding I know but you get what you're given, should have got some look p12 or rossi axial 140s. I initially thought the mojos would be easy because of their lesser dimensions particularly in the waist. Next years scott p4 looks pretty sweet as a powder ski for us of lesser ability as it has a pretty decent radius despite its 105ish waist.
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I here the Amarda ARV's are soft and they come in a 175 length. I run Seths and love them to bits but if ur not up to skiing them then u'll be happer on a pair of sticks that suit you style and ability more. The Elan 999 sound good. Nick
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Perhaps I should send u the seths then : I am sure I'll be fine on them and if not I'll persevere.
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