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New Monsters in the mail

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I purchased a pair of Monster im77chips for my season in BC and loved 'em. They are a truly versatile ski. I clocked 40days in all sorts of conditions from very hard ice to light BC interior pow to heavy deep Vancouver Island crud. They where wicked. Particularly in chopped up heavy stuff. Got them for a very good price from Dawg. He shipped them from wherever he is to my new home on Vancouver Island so they where waiting for me when I arrived from Oz.

they delaminated twice. First time under the heel after 15 days and then in the tail around day 35. The first time I just had them repaired and kept on skiing the second time I decided to make a warranty claim.

3 weeks later a new pair of skis arrive. 2007 monster m77's. Mixed feelings at first. I had done some searching here regarding Head warranty and was confident that the skis would be replaced but was not expecting next years model. So why do I have mixed feelings. I paid a premium for the chip version last year. They were significantly more expensive than the non-chip version.

Having said that, the 07 m77's graphics look much better imo, and reviews suggest that the non-chip version is a bit more lively. Also, the dimensions are slightly wider @120-78-105 i.e. +1mm all round.

plus, I got 40 days out of my original skis and now I have a brand new set ready for action.

I am very happy with how quickly Head actioned the warranty claim.

whats the point of this post?? none really, I'm just excited over my new skis and now need to convince my +1 that we should go down to Argentina for their winter.

Have a great Summer everybody
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It's a victory post, craigr. Good for you and good for Head. It'll make me look closer at their skis if they back them this way .
I wonder if anyone else had this happen
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From what I've read, Head has reduced the number of skis with the Chip for next year, and I think the 77 was one of them. I had a pair of the Monster Chip 75's. I demoed both the Chip and non Chip versions of that ski before I bought them, and the non Chip version did seem to be more snappy. I bought the Chip version because the shop I deal with only carried the Chip, and I got a good deal on a pair, but I would have been happy with either one. As far as the delam problem, I've had four pairs of Head skis, some of them with 100 days on them, and haven't had a moments' problem with any of them. I think all manufacturers will always have a few pairs that go bad, but so far I have had a lot less problems with Head products than with the other major brands I've owned in the past.
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