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The Perfect (?) Storm

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Colorado has been socked with a monster spring storm. Denver International Airport is closed, the foothills have received between 2 to 3 feet and may receive as much again tonight. The City of Denver is expecting maybe 12 inches tonight.
I-70 is closed from just west of Denver to Summit County.

This morning (5AM Tuesday) A-Basin was reporting 20" new, Copper 15", Breck and Keystone 12", Loveland received even more. It's been snowing all day and not due to stop until mid-day Wednesday.

Great gobs of Sierra like cement-it is a very heavy moisture laden snow. Great for the drought but hell on knees.
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I just heard on the weather channel that some places in central colorado could expect up to six feet out of this storm by late wednsday! thats incredible.

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Only 12" since yesterday afternoon in Vail. And it was on the thick side. Not the usual light stuff. Made me think of California...

Supposed to get another 12"+ tonight... And it's colder outside now than it was last night!!!

Could be a great spring!

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The storm is a classic upslope with the moisture flow coming in from the southeast. Hence, the major hit will be along the front range with a spill over into the foothills and nearby mountains.

Definitely a blessing for Denver. Last Friday I teed it up down there for the first time this year in beautiful 70 degree weather (guess I won't be doing that this week ). The soil was incredibly dry and dusty.
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I skied at Copper Monday, and I was contemplationg skiing today. But I have to work wednesday, and boy am I glad I stayed home today. It is a real mess out there. I may not even make it to work tomorrow, but at least I'm not stuck up there. I envy you guys that live/work up there in the high country. I hear that after this storm, even another cold front will come thru towards the end of the week and dump even more snow!
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Loveland is reporting 34" of new, LAST NIGHT! Other areas got considerably less (Vail , only 4")

DIA is still closed, with over 4000 people stranded there. All hotels within 15 miles of the airport are filled. And no taxi's or shuttles are moving to take people further away.

I-70 finally re-opened after being closed for most of the night.

Great for drought relief, but I think the people in Denver would rather the snow be up here!

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Not so fast vail snopro, I for one am happy for the snow. We have over 3 feet with drifts close to 4. Some areas west of town could see 6 feet when this storm is over. Airport closed until tomorrow. Highway 70 closed at the Kansas border and at the foothills to the west. Last I heard Hwy 25 was closed at the Wyoming border. All that snow and you cannot get to the mountains. It is a HEAVY wet snow. Great for the drought but lost a big tree that turned our very well built fence to splinters and is now blocking the alley. Many more trees down on our street but have not ventured very far to see what damage is around. Tried to walk the hounds this morning and only made it a few feet.

Roofs have collapsed on some buildings and that "weather proof" airport roof has a large tear in it. They had to evacuate the main concourse. No mail service, bus service, government offices are closed, no school, really the city has shut down.

My only concern is for my sister who is driving here from Missouri. She has only come out once in 12 years and picks the mother of storms to come. I hope that the highway reopens by the time she gets to the border. I worry for her and the kids.
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I wish the Divide wasn't so damn tall. It seems that this south western flow is letting go of the goods right at the Front Range. We've received about 14" on Aspen Moutains for Tuesday morn and another 3 to 6 overnight...... It surely isn't the 50-70" reported for the foothills west of Denv.....But we'll take all we can get.
With this heavy wet nectar comes great grippy conditions on the steeps.....
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The storm is doing just what you don't want it to do: More at the airport than the ski resorts. I was scheduled to fly to Denver tonight, but they cancelled all the flights. Can't get there till Friday! Hope you locals enjoy the snow...
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I am sooo envious of you people. Please send some of that this way?!! SOON!!
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T%his storm is doing exactly what we want it to do in terms of the drought. Even if it isn't hitting some of the ski areas as much as others (which sucks), It does help us considerably with water on the front range and eastern plains. The next worry will be flooding and mudslides.
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hold on 420,

there's plenty of snow to go around. i hadnt heard of less than a foot at any resort in the past 2 days and you'll get there eventually.
could be worse. my brother-in-law was going to ski with me this season, but instead booked a trip w/out asking 1st + i couldnt go. he is currently stuck in aspen with over a foot of fresh snow.
you know, i'm not sure he is good enough for my sister after all.
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Reports yesterday morning were that Winter Park received 62" with a few more expected yesterday afternoon. The Winter Park website is now reporting a base of around 120 inches.
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Originally posted by Ski&Golf:
The storm is a classic upslope with the moisture flow coming in from the southeast. Hence, the major hit will be along the front range with a spill over into the foothills and nearby mountains.

Definitely a blessing for Denver. Last Friday I teed it up down there for the first time this year in beautiful 70 degree weather (guess I won't be doing that this week ). The soil was incredibly dry and dusty.
Yeah, you guys are getting dangerously close to losing your golf courses there. I read that 11 already closed back in January with no plans to re-open any time soon. The snow is certainly much needed down low in Denver.
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Looks like things are slowly getting back to normal. My sister has spent the last 36 hours in Kansas waiting for the highway to reopen, which it did 70 east to Kansas open. They hope to get west to the mountians open sometime today.

A bit of concern of flooding, wow, who would of thought that a week ago? Great for the fire danger and water levels.

Best go and see what I can do about that tree now.
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As of 2:00PM Thursday I-70 was still closed from the Morrison exit just west of Denver all the way to Summit County (about 50 miles). The Colorado Dept of Transportation is still doing avalanche control work east of the Eisenhower tunnel. Local radio says one avalanche chute that hasn't slide in 50 years went all the way to the ground. Of course any slide that reaches the highway necessitates a cleanup delay.
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Don't ya just love a bit of WEATHER .....

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Well, they have I-70 open east bound only. It appears they want to clear out some folks and trucks up here then they are going to close it down again for more avalanche control. Westbound into the mountains is still closed.

The airport has two runways open but it will be tomorrow before they, hopefully, have the backlog cleared out.

Hey, on the good side we're up to 94% of normal snowpack . 160% of where we were last year. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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I'm so glad I'm working today! I'd hate to have a day off and not be able to go skiing.
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Unfortunately the storm has claimed its first life in Summit County. A telemark skier died in an avalanche skiing in the backcountry area known as the Rock Garden, just west of Loveland Pass. A second skier suffered a broken leg. Two other skiers escaped injury.

Our sympathies to the family and friends of the deceased skier.
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Loveland reports 82 inches over the last four days! Too bad I can't get out yet to go there. Oh well. At least I have power today.
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I just got back to Denver from Mexico, where I had to extend my vacation for two days due to the snow. Don't you just hate that? Finally made it back to my house (25 miles west of Denver) to find 74 inches of new snow, all from a 48-hour storm. Streets, if they are plowed at all, are one lane canyons. I have a half acre of 7-8 foot pine trees on my land; not one of them is visible under the snow. Snow is over my head on back porch, where it has not settled yet. Also saw the report of 62" new at Winter Park with 120+ inch base. Too bad no one could get there.
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Sheesh! I showed up for work at Loveland today to find the whole place shut down due to a power failure caused by a huge avalanche near Silver Plume. Turned around and went home to finish digging out. Its not like the snow is going anywhere soon, but I sure would rather have been on skis than wielding a shovel.
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"Oh darn" we were trapped at Breckenridge!

(Just kidding of course)

p.s. JimL if you see this, we did take a lesson on Sunday at Loveland from Mike. We had a great time - he completely changed our skiing and wow!
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I just spent the last nine days in Vail.
I've foundered myself on skiing and beer!
I'm now ready for golf and grass cutting.
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Glad that you had a good lesson. Mike is an outstanding instructor and one of our Ski School trainers who mentors those of us aspiring to Cert 3. Trapped in Breck - beats being trapped at DIA! Hope you stop by Loveland again when you get a chance.

Loveland got buried - over 6 feet! I understand that at some lifts the snow was all the way up to the bull wheel. They restored electric power and were able to open today after being closed all day Sunday due to a power outage.

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This Mike?

This was Mike skiing Allais Alley at Telluride a few weeks ago. He was in my clinic, training for Trainer Accreditation.

Good skier. Good guy!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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And you didn't stop by to say hi, or share a beer?

We could have taken a few runs! Maybe next time!

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