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One Lucky Guy --my first Ace! and other stuff!

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Woke up to some nice b-Day greetings today from the BB forum for my BIG SIX-Three !!

Always nice to be surprised . I'm one incredibly lucky guy with a great wife and adult kids and grandkids who ALL share this great sport with me and for that i am grateful . It has kept both of us fit both mentally and physically . I'm also blessed with some really cool other ski buddies too.

BUT last week I gave myself an EARLY Birthday present . I got my FIRST Hole in One in golf . I've only been playing 2 yrs but play about 80 days a yr so i'm as COMPULSIVE : about this as i am about skiing- .

It was a wedge shot on a "tilted green " 102 yds. My witnesses went nuts i went into shock . Had a pretty fair day with an eagle and 8 pars also. That wedge and the damned ball are gonna get bronzes dammit :

But by far my Best present is when my wife graduated 6 sessions early from PT ( She's in ungodly shape for 62) and then told me last week: " I CAN"T wait to get new Boots for next year!!" SO Man my prayers have been answered and I'm in HOG HEAVEN

She suffered a really nasty "in the boot" break in mid feb on our first day of a 40th anniversdary slopeside pkg and ended up in emergency surgery in NH .

Thanks again guys for letting sharing your collective wisdom about skiing with this old fart !

see you next season

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This is definitely something to give praise for!

There is nothing like counting your blessings and seeing that your cup truely runneth over!

Thanks for sharing!
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Wish you many more.

Birthdays and Holes in One!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I hope to be skiing and golfing at 63, got 12 to go.
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Happy birthday. An ace is a real "epic" event.
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More pleasure ahead ...

Congratulations on your first hole-in-one! I have been fortunate to have two and let me tell you that you will enjoy the second just as much as the first ... will keep you posted on the ecsatcy level of the third if I ever get lucky again
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It is always a pleasure to see the excitement of our golfers faces when they come in the pro shop after an ace and to sign off on the paperwork they can forward to various organizations acknowledging their stellar moment. Enjoy your moment in the sun!!!

Our course in Breckenridge opens for play today-amazing considering the amount of snow we received this past winter. Probably the best early season conditions we have ever had-the early snows insulated the ground so many areas that usually freeze never did. Teeing it up with the first group out in search of that elusive double eagle-yeah right. Got some sweet new Titleist custom irons that get their first taste of battle today.
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Congratulations, Warp Daddy! And thank you, I think you just explained why my golf game is not progressing--I'm not playing enough.
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Thanks to all u guys for the KIND words !!!!!

GPAUL : 2 words for you ---YOU WILL !!!!

NOLO : Its all about the Effort -- as you know fronm your skiing career! Just keep swinging the clubs

TC : Yep UR are SOOOOO right !

Breck for golf and skiing how SVEEEEET is that ??

All the BEST to you for a great summer--WD : :
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Congrats on the "hole in one", I hope to get one soon. I am sending this over to "other sports" where it is more applicable.
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