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FS: fritschi explores

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FS: fritschi explores


Size meds. used about 10-15 times, no brakes-just leashes that I've never used. DIN goes to 10 as opposed to the freerides 12 but about a full pound lighter. $175 plus shipping, obo? For about 75 more I'll throw in the 178 inspireds that they are currently mounted on and some skins that are cut for them. The skis and skins are pretty used, but the bindings alone are almost worth that. A good way for someone to get into the bc for cheap.
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I just sent you a pm.

Did you sell this package yet? I know a guy who might be interested.
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Pardon my interruption........know anything about FRITSCHI FT88 bindings? There are some for 30 dollars. Thanks BC guys.
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Fritchi FT88's

Slider- look here for a discussion of them (it is a bit buried in the thread). http://www.telemarkskier.com/cgi-bin...c;f=1;t=002282I have never seen them but it sounds like they are quite heavy, and I do not think they are DIN release standard, but sound interesting
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