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Treble Cone, New Zealand

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So I've managed to score a sweet deal and take my level 3 CSIA from an outfit in NZ that runs a 5 week course with the course and exams included. The course is done from the last week or so of July through to the end of August at Treble Cone near Wanaka, NZ.

I'm looking for experiences and recommendations (either from locals or foreigners) on Treble Cone, Wanaka and the surrounding area. Any inside advice on the little things you don't pick up from brochures etc?

I'll be doing 4 days a week for the course, so I have time to travel around and check things out. What's worth seeing around Wanaka, any other good areas nearby, keeping in mind that I'll have to rely on whatever bus service etc is available.

I've heard that in Wanaka (not on hill) in July/Aug it's generally around 5-10 degrees C during the day, and slightly below 0 at night - is that about right?

I'd love to hear stoires, suggestions and general comments from anyone who's been or knows the area.

Thanks a bunch.
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Wanka is a great town....not as touristy as Queenstown...but more so then Methven. Lots to see and do...not sure why you would not be skiing thou....my advice is ski all you can, when you can, pass your 3...then your last week there, hire a car and drive around the South Island, get hatch back so you can sleep in it (50bucks a day rental, hence $350 for the week, well worth it, and you only need your CDN drivers license)....incredibly beautfiul place....drive the full West Coast...see the top end...then come back through and east. Check out the club fields too...Temple Basin...many others, but Temple is a great experince with the hike, etc...worth a visit. Like travelling back in time....

Also that program you signed up for will be great too...skiing with SS always rocks!....oh ya your weather report is about right. The best skiing is at Treble Cone and Mt Hutt (Methven)...the Queenstown resorts are flat and crowded...but worth a look.
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I am assuming your course is through the rookie Academy. If you have the option of inlcuding accomodation in your course package - TAKE IT !! Ski season accomodation is hard to come by, and the Rookie Academy arrange fully furnished holiday homes for their students. This means you will be sharing with others on their courses, so they are in the same situation as you - possibly foreigners who want to look around, and if you are lucky one of them may have a car. Or you can pool and share a rental car for sightseeing. Wanaka is a 30 minute drve from Treble Cone, but your course will include transport - another good reason to take the accomodation cause they will probably pick you up at the door. in NZ all the towns are below the snow line, so you can also do other activities while you are here like mountain biking, and hiking. In my opinion, Wanaka has the best scenery in all of NZ and the best skiing is at Treble Cone. So you are off to a good start.
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You absolutely must go to Stuart Landsborough's Puzzling World and the movie theatre in town. The theatre in Wanaka is the best place in the world to catch a flick. They have the most kick-ass cookies at intermission and the seating is sofas and loveseats. I wish I could remember the name.

More practically speaking use the housing provided by your course, Wanaka is blowing up right now and it is hard to find accomodation. Stay out of the town of Twizel at all costs because it is a soul sucking hellhole and if you have a chance be sure to ski Ohau (hike the ridge) and the clubfields.

The South Island is crammed with wonderful places so don't feel like you have to see it all because you won't. Bring a rain coat and goggles that are great in flat light for your course. You'll need them.
Have fun
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