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I live near Delaware and ski and teach at Mad River Mt. 35 miles west of Delaware. Mad River is undergoing another expansion this year, adding more runs, a new lift, and moving the tubbing to new ground. I live almost half way between Snow Trails and Mad River and I like Mad River best.

Some winters are good some are great but you can't beat skiing close to home for a few hours in the evening.
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I live in the Columbus area (between Powell and Delaware to be specific). Feel free to PM me for any specifics you would like to know about central Ohio. I have lived here for more than 20 years and can probably answer a lot of questions for you.

I think you will find central Ohio to be a nice place to live and to raise your child(ren). I may be biased, but I think the Columbus area is a really nice place to live. There are many nice communities in and around Columbus in a variety of price ranges. In general, people are very friendly - call it the midwest stereotype if you will, but it is true.

Columbus is also a growing city with a lot of things to do. Business-wise, it is growing a lot as well. For a city of its size, there are a surprising number of national companies with headquarters or significant operations in the area. Wendy's, Abercrombie & Fitch, The Limited (including Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body Works), Nationwide Insurance and Cardinal Health are just some of the well-known companies here. It is very much a white-collar city, due to the number of people employed in government (since it is the state capital), in jobs at The Ohio State University (one of the largest in the nation), and in companies geared toward services, such as the ones I listed.

Of course, there are no beaches or mountains and some people will complain about the winters. But the cost of living is reasonable, especially compared to either of the coasts and there are a number of outdoor and cultural activities in the area. There are a lot of restaurants and shopping opportunities and many sporting events to choose from (with Ohio State football by far the most popular). Lots of sports leagues for kids and adults, the Columbus Zoo, a science museum geared toward children (COSI) and many other activities too numerous to mention. Again, I would be happy to provide more specifics. Just send me a PM.

There aren't a lot of options for skiing. Close by (within 1 hr) are Mad River Mountain and Snow Trails, although they are very small ski areas. About 4-5 hours away are either Holiday Valley in western NY or Seven Springs in western PA. The good news is that there are nonstop flights from Columbus to either Salt Lake City or Denver. If you diligently watch airfares, bargains come up from time to time to make a western ski trip a little less expensive. Plus it is only 3-4 hours on one of those nonstop flights, so it is possible to take an early morning flight and be skiing by noon!
I hope this was helpful and I look forward to hearing from you!
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BuckeyeFanDan pretty well sums up my thoughts on Columbus. I grew up there, went to OSU, and lived there for 29 years or so (I took a few years off to live in CO and AZ). Its a nice place, with a good cost of living and lifestyle. I liked living on the North end, but being born there surely makes me biased. Overall its very safe and not too crowded compared to other cities I have lived in since leaving (Chicago, Miami, Phoenix, Dillon CO, Seattle).

That said, I like living out West a lot more. I just love skiing too much, and Seattle seems to have the perfect balance of great skiing, tempreate weather, and job options for me.
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Wow, in all the years of EpicSki I never knew how many Columbus people there were here. Very cool -- I grew up in Columbus, lived there through high school, and still go back about twice a year to visit my parents. If anything it has improved since I left, and I liked it when I was there. The Arena District and the Short North area are particular improvements -- a little hint off San Francisco style/aesthetic-wise if you can believe it.

What others have said is accurate. It's a great place to raise a family and there is plenty going on for entertainment/culture/restaurants/etc... if you make some effort. It is better than most mid-sized cities in that regard.

Very nice people, plenty of good schools, etc..

Great to see such a big Columbus gang here. EpicSki has its roots in some brainstorming among various former Columbus-OH skiing friends. We used to ski at Snow trails 4 to 5 times a week. I mean I can't tell you how many hundreds (thousands?) of laps I've taken on that 300 vertical foot hill!
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Snow Trails was my hill too, in high school we went at least weekly to ski in the evenings. I don't imagine I would ever bother going back now, but it sure made for fun when I was young.

I looked at ticket prices for Snow Trails last winter and its about the same price to ski in Mansfield as it is Mt Baker! I guess when its Snow Trails or nothing, I would pay up too in the end. :-)
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Thanky, thanky, thanky!!!! These un-biased reviews are exactly what we need to push us out of the islands. Not Rockies nor Wasatch, but much closer.

Buckeye, I sent a PM a few days ago. My brother-in-law lives on High Ridge Drive, Powell, and the kids are in Liberty Elementary. Good?

Looked into Holiday Valley and Holimont in NY, okay for a drive (as well as Blue Knob, and even Elk). Even Mad River and Snow Trails look good, since we won't have to catch 2-3 flights as we now do, to get basically anywhere!!!!!!!!!! Who knows, this may be the first step towards retiring in snow country....

If our food venture does not pan out, how difficult for a 51 y/o Cornell Hotelie to get a General Manager position in a Hotel? Does being bilingual (spanish/english) have any real advantage?

Gracias Bears!
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Just my opinion, but, I think a quality reataurant business in Columbus will do well. There is a lot of expendible income and lack of time to cook at home. Not unlike where I live now. Good restaurants are packed every night.
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Originally Posted by Gpaul
If our food venture does not pan out, how difficult for a 51 y/o Cornell Hotelie to get a General Manager position in a Hotel? Gracias Bears!
Beautiful Ohio in dreams again I see.....
Visions of things that will be.*

I do remember when Quail Hollow Inn was on the verge of bankruptsy they brought out some hotshot from Cornell to save it. Now it is big, fully booked and has golf and XC skiing.

*from a brainwashing song we had to sing in 4th grade. True brainwashing never wears off. Cirquerider probably knows the same song but you'll have to come out west to hear us sing it.
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Yes, I received the PM. Your brother-in-law lives about 10 minutes away from me. That is a nice area with a good school system.

What is the food venture you are getting into? If you are talking about a restaurant, good restaurants do well here. There is a lot of competition, but if you get good word-of-mouth going, it can work out very nicely.

As far as hotels, what type of hotel would you be looking at?

Being bilingual in Columbus can be very helpful, as the Hispanic population has grown quite a bit in the area the last few years. I think this would be an asset for you.

Holiday Valley, Holimont and Seven Springs are probably the best locations within driving distance for skiing. Mad River Mountain is about 45 minutes away, Snow Trails is about 1 hour. Either is OK for a couple of hours if you really get the urge to take some short runs. It pales beside true mountain skiing though. Of the two, Mad River Mountain has a little more area to it.

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Thanks again all! Dan, tks for appraisal of my most probable living area, helps put the wife at ease....

My Hotel career has been with large properties, Hilton Int'l., Intercontinental, and a privately-owned 5 star resort in Santo Domingo, nearly 20 yrs. (P. Rico, London, Costa Rica, Panama, Trinidad, Wash DC, and the DR). From cook to General Manager! Been out of the loop for 10 years, but would gladly return to this area of the Hospitality Industry.

Don't want to spill the beans on the food venture, but it will be fresh, somewhat gourmet, Good Fast Food (not a cliche, but the real mccoy). Ideally a multi-store operation. Hands-on every minute, basically by bro-in-law, my wife, and me.

As mentioned, we now own/operate the only Bagel store in the Dom. Rrepublic, with REAL New York bagels and quality stuff. Does Columbus, Dublin, Powell, Delaware, Worthington, Gahana, etc., etc. need ANOTHER bagel shop, but much better than Einstein????

Skiing-wise, I'm sure we'll become East Coast fanatics, as long as I can get to Sugarloaf every now and then; IMHO this is the closest to West I've skiied. But also enjoyed Cannon, Stowe, Stratton, Jay, and Tremblant. Hated Kton (crappy layout), Okemo too easy, Loon too crowded, Whiteface OK for 1 day.

I look forward to more of these excellent replies, and advice.

Gracias Friends!
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There is a Hilton, two Hyatts and a Westin in Columbus currently. Those are the largest properties. However, there will also be a brand-new Hilton going up at Polaris (near the Worthington and Powell areas) that will probably open in late 2007.

Keep me updated on your food venture! I'm not very familiar with the bagel market in the Columbus area, but if you do some market research regarding possible locations and advertise well, I think you will be well on your way to success in your operation. I would think that you could find a good location somewhere in the Powell, Dublin, Worthington area. The Polaris and Easton areas could be good too, although the rent might be high.

Skiing-wise, you will probably find that it is easier (and quicker) to fly to Colorado, Utah or Lake Tahoe rather than drive to Vermont/Maine/Quebec. If flying, it is probably just as cheap to fly west as to fly east. Last year I flew to SLC, was skiing by 11:00-11:30 the same day, then two full days, then until about 2:00 on the final day and got back to Columbus about midnight. Definitely maximized my time on the slopes!
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Hiya all! Do you really think Columbus (dublin, worthington, powell) can stand another Bagel shop?

Besides Mexican, would another Ethnic cafe have a following (again, top quality and good prices)?
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