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Tired of the rain!

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I have to vent. I can't take it much longer...forecasts of 2-4" and all we get is rain, everyday. It's been going on for a week now. The slopes here barely have anything left on them...not sure how many more days we can take of this. How far NE does this stretch?
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Here in the very south east corner of Vermont, I woke to snow, with 10 to 16 promised,

Temp is about 20 degrees, so no rain today,

We had rain/sleet/snow new years eve, but I have forgotten about it all ready!.

I'll put some in a box for you!

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Drive east -- similar to Xmas Day: the Catskills, southern Adirondacks, and southern Vermont are supposed to receive major snowfalls (up to 18 inches) in the next two days, and then a big cold front is supposed to sit on us all of next week.

Northeast Weather Forecast
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We are feeling your pain...and rain in Oregon
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Originally posted by Taylormatt:
...all we get is rain, everyday. It's been going on for a week now.
Try living in England, then you know what rain is all about
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It's starting to snow here in Melrose, Ma (6 miles north of Boston). We are supposed to get about 10" here, which is amazing considering I haven't seen bare ground since mid december. I went skiing at the closed "Mt. Hood" ski area here in melrose yesterday on my dad's tele gear (figured I had to learn sometime right?), and although it was danm Icy, there was still a fantastic base on the ground, maybe 8". I haven't seen a winter like this in Boston, ever. I'm told by older folks I know that the last time a winter started this way was the infamous winter of 77/78, culminating in the Blizzard of '78. Have no fear fellow New Englanders. We are gonna keep having a great season this year. Most of the ski areas from the Berkshires on North have at least 100" so far, and some (Smuggler's Notch, Burke Mountain, Saddleback, Jay Peak, etc...) are pushing 160" already. assuming snowfall continues at this rate (and it usually pics severely up the last two weeks of march), we'll have 400"+ by mid-april, not unheard of but definately special. Here's hoping it picks up and Jay Peak is able to break their 571" record of two seasons ago. (by the way, including post-season snowfall they had 400" last year too).

Oh wait... what's all this junk about the east gets no snow? [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Who has been giving he East grief about no snow? Out here, Mt. Baker gives everyone grief about no snow but they average 600+ inches of snow and have had over 1100" so they are entitled. I dont think I have heard anyone cept the East Coasters complain about a lack of snow in the East.

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Weel, as of 2PM, the rain is slowly turning to snow. It's wet, but let's hope we get enough to make up for the 20+ inches we lost in base this week.
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Hey TM, 7S reported 5" overnight and Laurel 7" with a hope that the entire mountain will be open tomorrow. Hv should have the same. Also, LM has 2 for 1 coupons for next weekend at LM. If we're lucky we will get enough to last a while.

Do not torture yourself with the thought that if all this precip were in the Rockies, we would be in waist deep pow

Looks like the coupon is not posted yet. It will be on the Rates page when it is.

I listed the wrong link. This is the right one: two for one

[ January 06, 2003, 01:37 PM: Message edited by: Springhill Crazie (SprgHlCrz) ]
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Yep, been keeping an eye on 7S's site. 5" and snowing hard. We still need lots of it after the last few days though. I'm off to tune the boards...looks like a weekend on the mountain for this boy (finally).

I really had my doubts today, it was really raining down here and I'm not far from the mountain.
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TM and the rest of you Western PA Skiers. Just bumping this to the top. Look for my two for one link above. See you at Laurel this weekend. As of today, all except 1 lower mountain trail is open. These are the best condition since we reopened three seasons back.
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The conditions this weekend were great. Amazing after all the rain.
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