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Doesn't BlackComb usually run into the first week of August? I've snowboarded there twice in July in years past...... Never been to Hood yet, but one day I'll wander down there. Chinook Pass just opened last weekend, still getting snow and about 15' of snow in the parking lot so hiking that area will be the place for me (since its only 40 min drive from my house).

Picture of me driving over Chinook last Sunday sitting in where the parking lot is suppose to be (yet to be dug out).

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Extremely correct! Was there..fun stuff..back up tomorrow for mo!

Originally Posted by mammothsnowman
Sure Harry 3 inchs at the base. We skied 6-9 inches of powder and the top has not opened. Over a foot fell up high. :

Our resort UNDER reports snowfall as they measure at the worst place possible.

PS I live ayt the bottom of town at it is now snowing here. More Pow turns in the morning...
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Targhee opens tomorrow.

DC will be running and you will be able to to ski (with a little route selection) to within 100 yards +/- of the bottom.

There's still 10' up on top.

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Here are the June 1, 2006 Conditions on Mammoth via a picture Gallery:


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Last day @ Bachelor. Thanks Matt.

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The Bird's still open, but things have changed in just the last two days. Up until Monday you could still ski all the way to the bottom without taking off the skis. There's a little walking now.
Here are some pics from a couple of tram laps yesterday: http://tetongravity.com/forums/showthread.php?t=55095
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