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Race Skis

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Well I have too many pairs of skis lying around, and I need the money to buy a pair of longer GS skis and hopefully a pair of SL skis.

1) 2003 Rossignol 9S WC 155CM Race Stock - They have very little edge left and are in OK condition. These include the rossignol vist plate which requires the FKS style binding. They are currently mounted with a pre-2000 Rossignol FKS binding (din 4-12) which is the same as today's FKS120. Asking $150 + shipping.

2) 2003 Rossignol 9S WC 150CM - In very good condition and both skis signed by Bode Miller. Rossignol Axial 100 demo bindings are mounted on the PPS plate. Asking $200 + shipping.

3) 2004 Rossignol 9X Oversize 167CM - In extremely good condition and waxed frequently for races. Both skis signed by Bode Miller and Rossignol Axial 120 bindings are mounted on the TwinPulsion plate. Asking $250 + shipping.

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Here are some pictures of the skis. I need to sell these ASAP, so please make an offer. The Rossignol FKS binding have a din of 6-14, not 4-12 like I reported earlier.

I also have 2 pairs of Atomic JR. race skis. One pair is 160cm Atomic 10.26 Jr. and the other is 150cm Atomic 10.22 Jr.. They were both drilled for the atomic race bindings. Asking $75 + shipping for both pairs.

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Your Inbox Is FULL!!...

howdy, kidz,

have attempted to contact you via pm but you box is full...please clear your messages.


bruce marks
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how much for just the FKS Pro's?
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are you willing to sell just the FKS bindings?
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Well I plan on keeping the FKS binding for now. There is a good chance that my next pair of GS/SL skis will require the FKS. Until I buy my next pair of race skis, I am keeping the FKS bindings. I will let everyone know if I plan to sell them!

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Is the 9X still available? How much edge is left?
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thanks any way bb
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The 9X's are pending sale! I still need to sell the other skis! Price Drop for the 9S 155cm WC Race Stock without bindings: $75 + shipping.

Please PM me with any questions!
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03 9S 155cm WC Race Stock without bindings: $70 + shipping

03 9S 150cm WC with bindings: $170 + shipping
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ummm but they are rossis
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Really need to sell both pairs of slalom skis! Please PM me with an offer as some $$ is better than no $$.

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Anyone have interest or should I try selling them on ebay?

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Since many of you are PM regarding selling just the FKS bindings, I am keeping it unit I purchase a new pair of GS skis. There is a high chance that my new gs skis will require the fks and I don't want to buy another pair after having some.
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