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Straight Sex Skis

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Somehow I think providing height, weight, experience and skill just don't follow up this thread title too cleanly.

Now in truth, this is just a post about an eBay listing of straight skis autographed by an actor from Sex in the City.

http://cgi.ebay.ca/Chris-Noth-of-Sex-and-the-City-Law-Order-Signed-Skis_W0QQitemZ7617004230QQcategoryZ60QQrdZ1QQcmdZV iewItem


If Chris Noth is making all this money acting why wasn't he on shaped skis?

If our skis are straight, then what the !!!! are they? Do I have to manage another phobia?
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I would say he is dumping an old pair for a good cause.Maybe he doesn't get out much.
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Heh heh, no bids.
Quick someone get Phil over here.
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It appears that Mr. North is not that "big" when it comes to throwing down for charity. You couldn't even get those in a garbage can in my town, which means you would have to do an illegal night raid to someone's dumptster, or pay to get the landfill to accept them. I hope his autograph is worth $50 because the skis and bindings probably aren't.
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The mission of the charity is to give old and young actors who couldn't get jobs elsewhere a job at their theatre. A noble and worthwhile cause especially with so many less worthy causes like the Red Cross who might need a few bucks to spend on wasted items like food/clothing/shelter for disaster victims
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Seems to me that someone's finally figured out a way to sell straight skis: get a famous person to autograph them. You sure as hell can't do it any more anywhere else - fleamarkets, garage sales, can't even give em away, you have to pay people to throw them out.

I think the best idea really is to make a chair out of them.
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