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Alpine Meadows May 13

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Warm sunny weather has created true spring conditions and massive fields of corn to be harvested in the Sierra.
There are still lift-served runs to be had, so this weekend I met with a bunch of Maggots at Alpine Meadows.
Turns out, maggots make good company and are unbelieveably good skiers.

The weather was so sunny I lost over 100 pictures because I couldn't see the camera settings were on macro.
so, I have 112 fuzzy pictures of ripping chutes, cols and snow fields. Lesson learned the hard way. Anyway, the
pics speak for themselves.

I met MTT at the Starbucks in Truckee at about 7:30 and we went to Alpine and parked near the lodge.
A convenient place for a pit stop through the day.

Someone from the Epic gathering in Utah this year mentioned that MTT is fast. I was looking at him disappearing down hills and
doing my best to stay in the same neighborhood, but I would have only had shots of his backside if I didn't tell him to let me get
ahead for a shot.
MTT taking in some spring Corn

Cirquerider in Palisades; No need for motion analysis here! I would call it "waiststeering" if I could still find my waist :
A great day for Ray Bans. Thanks for sharing Mike.

Soul_Skier straightlines while Sinecure makes way.

To be continued
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All that skiing leaves you with a powerful thirst. I had the Sierra Nevada, and MTT put it to good use. The decanting into a water bottle was a new trick to me.

And the band played on.

One thing about maggots, they seem to start the party early (and young).
Contrary to popular opionion Soul_Skier is not sporting a shrunken head. That is Sinecure balancing the ambient lighting.

Saturday was the Mad Cow race. Basically a chinese downhill. The skiers start
at the top of the mountain, have to run 50 yards and click into their skis. The first
one to the bottom then tries to grab a season pass that is tied onto the finish gate.

The winner strightlined the face under the Summit Six Chair.

Say what you will about style, he is in first place. That contestant in second has a really strange tuck.

Coming in for a landing, you have to slow down to grab the prize. Steezy style.

And the finish.

Great day. Hope you enjoyed it too.
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Skiing in May, how I miss you.

Thanks for the kick in the shins. Looks like a great time.
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Cirque: It was a pleasure meeting and making turns with you. Thanks for putting up the pictures. Sorry I did not get more of you but I was really enjoying the sking. Saturday was a very good day. Those first few runs in the Palisades and down Peters peril were the stuff Spring time dreams are made of.
And how about the Mc_Roon brothers! Good kids and a class act, both Wes and Matt.
Sincure always a pleasure hanging with you.
I belive I also saw Truckee Local? Be we did not seem to cross paths.

Next weekend is closing weekend at Alpine meadows
Who's going to come?
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Rain in the forecast. I think it was raining in Tahoe this morning. A good way to monitor temperature and wind conditions is to check the Slide Mountain weather site. http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/rev/remotedata/index.php
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