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Binding Mounting (Mid Marker)Technical Question....Help

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I don't know the technical details about this but my bindings (Atomic Xentric) have a system that allows the binding to be set in a forward, mid and back position.

The actual trave1 from the front to back position would be no more than 1.5cm.

The front position is for shorter turns and the back position is for speed.

I guess that your boot position could be similar to mine when in the forward position.
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tlp, they screwed up - the bindings should have been mounted using your actual boot or, in the alternative, with reference to the length of your boot sole. That number in millimeters is embossed on the side of the heel of each boot. For example, on the side of the heel of each of my boots, "295 mm" is embossed. Having the binding placed as far forward as yours are will make the skis feel unstable, especially that ski, in that length, for a person of your weight and height. Please take them to a ski shop and ask for their advice. Even if you have to pay for it, you'll be better off if the mindings are re-mounted in the appropriate place on the skis. I am not a "tech", however, and I hope that others with direct experience in this will offer their comments.

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by olsen:
Generally 16cm to toe from mid point mark. You did not mention your boot size. If you have a small foot you would be forward of mark by the traditional method of mounting which put all toes in same location.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

My boot is a Lange L10 which is a US Men's size 10. The stamped length on the boot shell is 323mm. With the current mounting...If I measure from the binding toe to the ski mid marker it is 16.5cm or 165mm. Is this variance acceptable for such short ski or should get a another pair mounted correctly to the boot center. I haven't talked to the retailer that I purchased the boots from yet.
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Good news....the ski is actually predrilled for my LOOK bindings. I removed the toe noticed all of the predrilled holes. Each group of holes had a boot shell size range next to them.

The groups were something like this:


My toe was in the 323-353 group of holes. Even thou my boot shell is 323mm, this was too far forward. I moved down or back to the 302-322 grouping and now I am only 2-3mm behind the boot mid marker which is much better than 7-8mm too far forward for such a short ski. The skis with these bindings is really an awesome setup. Lot's of flexibility.
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Binding Mounting (Mid Marker)Technical Question....Help

I just purchased a pair of Dynastar Speed Carve Skis from an outfit in Cananda. I gave them my boot size over the phone and they mounted a pair of Look P12 bindings. I know that I need to ultimately have the binding adjusted to my boots and weight. I noticed that the boot center marker on the ski does not quite line up with mid boot marker. The boot seems to be about 7-8 mm forward of the mid boot marker the boot from the marker in the ski. This will change the weight bias towards the front of the ski. I 6'0" and 190lbs and the skis are 178CM. How critical is this? The toes of the bindings don't seem to be adjustable as far as moving the binding to the front or the back. Should I be concerned about this??? Thanks in advance.
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All very good advice, here.

Actually, only you know if you are having any problems with your turns due to this position of the bindings. Are you having trouble keep the tails in the track during a carve, assuming you're carving correctly? Do you fight the tails from trying swing around in front of you when you stop?

7 or 8 mm forward is not much and perhaps proper for a woman skier. I might mount them there for a woman, especially if she's an intermediate skier.

Another point- there are 3 different ways to measure the center of the ski, so where's the real center? Who knows? I saw one post here a while back where a guy was complaining about his boot center mark being just barely a smidgen behind the center mark of the ski. He was livid! Good Grief! Take a look at that center mark. We are not talking about caliper-quality/engineering marks here!

Two things to bring up here.-

1) At my shop I have corrected so many people when they ask, "When can you set my bindings to my weight?" Where does everyone get this idea it's according to your weight and boot size only?

It's skier type (which does NOT mean beginner, intermediate, advanced), boot sole length, age, height, weight. if the weight and height cells are not even, yoiu use the cell closer to the top of the chart. if someone is 5' 10" and 240#, you use the height and ignore the weight.

2) I hate it when someone just doesn't want to bring his boots in. he tells me to use a boot at the shop the same size as his. We can, but we're not supposed to do that! This could be a legal loophole for some attorney in court. When forced to do this I write on the work order what I was asked to do and disclaim any and all warrentees about safety, and I have the customer sign it. Even then it probably won't be any good in court.

Btw- I always use a boot measuring tool regardless of what it says on the side of the boot. Most of the time it doesn't make any difference; once in a while it does.

So, if you're having no problems with your turns, you're probably ok. Btw- Yes, those Atomics are nifty with those forward/aft adjustments.
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I just recieved the skis last friday and haven't skied on them yet. Yes...I am very aware that that the DIN setting and binding adjustment is based on boot size, wieght and most important skiing ability. Of course the adjustments should and will be made to both of my actual boots. Granted, none of this is rocket science and most of this is common sense.

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True. By the book, both boots should be used in the set up. New boots it doesn't really matter. Used boots we use a measuring tool for toe height, width/ heel height, width. if they both pass and are the ssame amt of wear, it's ok to use one. Some purists may take exception with this, and basically they are right.

Also what helps is to lightly smooth the ball of the foot area of the boot. Makes it as smooth as a baby's bottom.
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