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Gotama and Tyrolia Railflex Binding?

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Hello everyone....First time post but long time fan of Epic!

I have been sking my 177 mantras w/ the Tyrolia railflex HD14 bindings for a few months now...(got the idea from epic!) and they rock. I love the ability to move the bindings back and forth...really changes the "personality" of the ski. I did not notice any problems w/the extra lift of the Railflex system. The ski is my "all mtn ski"....i move it back for the pow and center/foward for everything else.

I was able to pick up a brand new pair of 183 05/06 Gotamas at a great price and am thinking about doing the same setup....all I need is another Railflex plate (about $25) and wider brakes. Any one here have any experience/ideas about this setup?......this is going to be my "pure powder day" ski and I want to play around with riding and landing switch!

Any help would be appreciated!
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No one is helping you out...here, I'll try...

Tyrolia's wide brakes will run you $30-$40 so you'll be $55-$65 in for just brakes and the plate...

Pros & Cons (IMHO)

Pros: $55-$65 is cheaper than any 14 din new binding, the ability to move the mounting point has clear advantages to you

Cons: Powder & especially park & switch riding do better with less lift, if you want to use both skis in the same day it'll be pain to switch them around, this series of bindings are crappy and known to prerelease, your paying $60 for plates and brakes.

If it were me and money is an issue I would just look for a used Look/Rossi (P12/14, axial 120/140) or even cheaper an older salomon 997 equipe and mount them on the line. If you are young, athletic and getting better I would be leary of the railflex bindings - I have the FX12 (same plasticy contruction as HD14) and I had a few puzzling prereleases (one really bad one) with my din on 11 - now I'm scared to push it on them and will likely change the binding.

If you are small/light, are content with not going REALLY fast, don't mind a little extra hooking in the park and pow and you don't mind taking the time to switch the bindings when changing skis then you have a good idea using the one binding.

This is just my $0.02 - I don't ride switch so take it fwiw...hope I helped.
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Hey x-eastcoaster!

Thanks for the reply!....I am making my decision on bindings more complicated than needed lol...What you say about the actual binding is interesting...my research on epic and tgr seemed to be mostly favorable...though there was truly NOT much info at all on Tyrolias.

As far as the lift is concerned on powder/park skis....what you say is pretty much in line with everyone else has been saying.

What originally gave me the idea to use the Railflex system was a few of the shop guys in tahoe use them on their fat skis..(on a pair or Mojo 90's and K2 SV's) and said they were great.

I am rethinking my choice...(the cost is really not an issue)....there are some deals on p12/14's and 916....ect...

Hopefully a few other people respond so I can get a little more info!
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The largest Railflex brakes are about 92mm in the waist last I checked. You'd have to do some serious bending to get them around Gotamas.
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