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Others like Winter Park

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We have spent the last 2 Christmas's in Winter Park. We love the feel of the town and the easyness of moving around in it - really like the bus system. We have 2 teenage daughters (one skier, one boarder). I do not ski, therefore enjoyed "touring" the shops,scenery etc. We would like to try somewhere new - any suggestions for somewhere similar t Winter Park?
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So many choices. If you stick to Colorado, how about Steamboat, Vail, beautiful Telluride, or Aspen? Similar town/ski area set ups as Winter Park, except latter three probably more costly than Winter Park. In Utah you have the fine town/ski combo at Park City. In CA you could try the town/ski combo of Heavenly and Stateline. If your skier/boarders are quite advanced, your group might like Jackson, WY with nice option for non-skier to explore Yellowstone in winter. My preference for all the above would be a stay in Aspen or nearby Snowmass. The town of Aspen is great for a non-skier to explore even if you do mostly only window shopping.
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why no to skiing? come back for one more trip and take our learn to ski or board lesson. do the ski portion and i'll do the class myself. if you don't enjoy it and begin a lifelong love of the sport i'll get you your money back and take the whole clan out to dinner!

if you must go elsewhere i guess my first choice would be steamboat.
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Another vote for Aspen/Snowmass. I have been spending christmas through new year there for several years. I am fortunate to work for the ski school there as well. Quite a few of the families seem to have non-skiier/non-snowboarder members. They all find tons to do, from shopping, snow shoeing, great health clubs and spas, even meeting for lunch at the top of Aspen Mountain with the rest of the clan.

Your on mountain family will love having four mountains to choose from and the RAFTA bus system is fantastic.

Happy Travels.
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Breck would be another great option for you, of course. However, with Rusty's offer, it's too good to pass up. You really should take him up on it!
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Another great ski area with a nice little town atmosphere is Sun Valley, also unfortunately on a par with Aspen for pricing.
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the reason i mentioned steamboat is it's similarity to WP. i think telling someone to try aspen is like telling a person who states they love wal-mart to try shopping at saks fifth avenue.

aspen is a great town and a great mountain. it just is a whole different experience.
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Three great towns for non-skiers and skiers alike: Steamboat, Breckenridge, and Park City. Lots of things for everyone to do, and all three are terrific. All three have good transit systems, lots of restaurants and shopping, and plenty of other activities for the non-skiers.

If you want to be in the east, try Stowe. Picture perfect New England town (what could be better than Christmas in Vermont!), and great skiing/boarding, too.
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Rusty Guy - unfortunately my first ski experience were in the NC mountains (aka ice sking), therefore it wasn't very positive. And now, basically I am too chicken to try it! I have done the snow cat both years at WP and LOVED it - nothing scary there! We haven't ruled out going back to WP but are concerned about the construction and growth. Thanks for the offer!
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working backwards i doubt you'll see much if anything in the way of construction next winter for a variety of reasons.

we have a very gentle beginner area and the snow won't be anything akin to what you experienced in north carolina

give us or another resort another try. i really feel as though we have this beginner thing figured out! we work hard to create a good first experience.
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We were in Breckenridge for Ullrfest (January) this past winter. My wife doesn't ski, daughter (20) and I do. All had a fabulous time...craziness, parade, MTV concerts, awesome skiing. My wife went to the town rec center and worked out every day (met some locals there) and hung out in town, shopped a bit etc. The bus system is fabulous, our rented car sat most of the week. We could walk home from the bottom of 4 O'clock trail every day.
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Within CO, I'd recommend Breck. However, why limit yourself to CO? I'd highly recommend Whitler/Blackcomb. Of course, there are plenty of other places.
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