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Penguin car problems

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So, this penguin is having problems with his car, see? And he takes it to a garage. He says to the mechanic, "It's just smoking from under the hood, I don't know why."

The mechanic says, "OK, why don't you leave it with me and come back in about an hour."

So, the penguin needs to kill some time, see? He walks around and finds an ice cream parlor. Penguins love ice cream, you know. So he goes in and buys an ice cream cone.

Well, the poor little guy has no hands, see, so he eats the ice cream cone and the ice cream drips all over him.

He goes back to the garage to see what's up with his car. He finds the mechanic, and when the mechanic sees the penguin, he says, "You blew a seal."

The penguin says, "No, that's just a little ice cream."
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How gauche!
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Ya, the mechanic never should have said that.:
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Have you seen the video link of this with the chimps?

Google in ...... chimp telling penguin joke video ...
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Only you would look that one up. Funny, I liked it.

Now, what does that say about me???????????????????
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