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Murder inn Mexico

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Manuel and Javier, two Mexico City detectives, are examining the recently murdered bofy of Juan Martinez. Manuel says, "he was killed by a golf gun."

Javier says, "What's a golf gun?"

Manuel says, "I don't know, but it sure made a hole in Juan."
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Oboe that has to be 1 fer 3 .Keep swinging your'e batting 333 not bad at all
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Originally Posted by GarryZ
Oboe that has to be 1 fer 3 .Keep swinging your'e batting 333 not bad at all
What were the other two?
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I am sorry oboe i was out of line. I thought one of your jokes was quite funny and a couple were less than. Jokes are like that they strike some as funny and others less than. I never take the chance of telling a joke that might or might not be funny, You did and it is a worthy venture. I apologise
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Hey, don't lose any sleep over it!

My son tells me that NONE of my jokes are funny!
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Ahhhhhhhhh! So there are some taste and brains in the family it's jus ....

Er ...... on the wife's side?
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I like Hole in Juan jokes. They almost deserve 'genre' status. And, on the PGA Tour, there is a variant that has actually been reported in the mainstream media.
A couple of years ago on a Saturday afternoon at some golf tournament somewhere, an Aussie pro named Stuart Appleby was in second place, trailing Tiger Woods by 8-10 strokes, and some sports reporter asked him, "Stuart, what'll take to win this tournament--whatcha gonna have to shoot tomorrow?"
To which he replied, "For somebody else to win this tournament, somebody's gonna have to shoot Tiger."

Not a whole in one, not a hole in Juan, but a tap-in.
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