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Michigan Bike Rides

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Just got my brochures and registration forms in the mail for the Cherry Capital Cycle Club Rides
July...Ride around Torch(RAT)
September...Leelenau Harvest Tour
Both rides are geared for Road bikes but you see a lot of hybrids and mt bikes too.

I went on the Leelenau Harvest Tour last year and will definitely do it again.

I'm hoping to hit the RAT in July too!

The area these rides take place is phenominal, scenic, and a great work out.

If you're interested, registration forms are on their web site.
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Other recommended rides (not CCCC):

Big Mac Scenic Tour, June & September: 25-100 mile routes on Saturday, then over the Mackinaw Bridge Sunday at sun-up, weather permitting.

Cherry Festival Old Mission Tour, July 2: Mostly flat 22 or 37 miles routes around Old Mission Peninsula..hit the beach and cherry festival air show after!

Colorburst, October 8th (I think): Rolling to hilly 17 to 100 mile routes around Lowell, great color tour with outstanding food (Pancake breakfast and soup/sammy lunch)!!!
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Arrg! Stupid edit time-out....

Contacts for above:
Big Mac mackinawchamber.com
Cherry Festival cherryfestival.org
Colorburst lmb.org/rapidwheels
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