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Free pair of poles???

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Does anyone have a pair of poles to give away??
I'm 6'2'' tall.
(I prefer in New York City area)
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pretty cheap online at rei - $14, you will needtoknow what size.just stop by at a ski shipand see what size
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You're kidding, right? Please tell me you're just kidding before my head explodes. Skiing isn't a cheap sport, poles are the LEAST expensive thing you'll need. Give up now if poles seem too expensive.
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It would cost less to buy a pair at Goodwill than to pay for shipping, though I will admit, Goodwills usually only have them in the store from fall into the winter. If you don't have an immediate need for them, wait till fall. I got my last pair for $1.99.
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This is the same guy who I gave a free pair of skis... and he turned around and asked if I had any free boots for him too.
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If he can rock those F9000s (hint: TR with pics called for here) then I don't mind him asking.
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Go to a ski swap. You probably want 52" poles. That's the most common length for people my size (also 6'2").
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Thank you all.
Got ones 52" as recommended. Fits perfect.
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