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Ski bumming trip out west

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I finally got my leave of absence approved and I'll be leaving the week of Jan 12th for 6-8 weeks of skiing in the American/Canadian west. I'll mostly be going from place to place trying to follow the snow.

I have 2 big questions:

1 - What is the best route to from east to west (say Toronto to Denver) to avoid traffic/bad weather/snipers?

2 - Since I'm no milionnaire, I can't afford to ski the big hills at 70$ a ticket every day. I'd like to hear about lesser known places that offer good value for money. Examples I've been to would be Castle Mountain and Whitewater in Canada or Snow King and Mad River Glen in the US. What I'm looking for is good steeps, good snow and at least 1250' vertical.

If anyone would like to ski with me when I'm your area, please PM me and I'll gladly pay the beverages at the end of the day


Steve Culhane
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I would pose this question to the "Maggots" at TGR.
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Cannot give you the best route to west from Monteal, Steve, because I think you should plan out your ski resort first. I can give you few ideas regarding steep ski hills with low lifts:

1. Alta is always #1 in my mind and needless to say you must hit that one.
2. Targhee
3. Red Mountain
4. Apex Mountain for $50 CAN/one day lift, I just came back from that steep son of bitch.
5. Mount Hood.
6. Kirkwood
7. A Basin
8. AngleFire (I have never been there, but I heard good things about that)
9. Schewitzer
10. Alpine Medows

I have only name a few steep mountains for your reference other than steeps like Snow King and Castle which are already on your list. The big names such as Aspen, Whistler and JH are not mentioned.

Have fun.

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You have two options coming from Toronto:

1) From Windsor take I-94 to Chicago. Get on I-80 there and take it to I-76 in Nebraska. I-76 joins up with I-70 in Denver.

2) From Windsor take I-94 to I-69 in Jackson, MI. Head south on I-69 to Indianapolis and get on I-70. I-70 will take you through Denver all the way to Vail if you want.

I driven both quite a few times. I think I-80 is a little faster by an hour or two. You're probably more likely to have good weather via route #2.
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Wow! I'm jealous!


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In Utah and Colorado I know you can buy discount tickets to resorts at some ski and grocery stores. Ask around for stuff like that, good way to save some $$.

This appears not to be the case for the east coast. Haven't found much for Killington where we're going for 4 days over new year's eve. Bummer.
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Thanks for all your answers. Really helpful.

Nightingale, can you let me know what you mean by:

"would pose this question to the "Maggots" at TGR." I am afraid I need some translation

Departure day looks like Jan 14th, I think I'll go towards Jackson Hole first, so I'll probably start skiing around the 18th. Will try to post once in while here since I'll probably have a computer with internet access.

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The TGR reference was to the forums at Teton Gravity Research. Powder.com is where the 'Maggots' developed their reputation and they are still there, but a splinter group uses the forum at TGR as their new home. Both Powder and TGR are irreverent mirror images of Epicski, with some very knowledgeable people on their forums. Many of the members here post on all of the sites.

Great to hear you are headed out soon. Have a great trip!

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Originally posted by feal:
P.S. - I left Silverton in Colorado out earlier because it really is guided skiing, but you should try it out.

Stop telling people about Silverton!

Trust me, you don't want to ski Silverton. They gets tons of light snow and it makes for a higher than average avalanche danger. Add to that the fact that only 40 other skiers are on the mountain a day and you face the real possibility of getting lost in snow. Plus, it's pretty steep terrain so it might be scary. No.. what you want is Breckenridge.. on the weekend.. lots of safe groomers. Or better yet, just keep heading west to Utah. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

On a slightly more serious note.. how many hours do you want to ski a day? Have you considered the old stand-in-the-parking-lot-and-buy-used-tickets idea? Oh, I forgot - lift tickets aren't transferrable and it's illegal to do it. Never mind. It's just like the stand-at-the-bus-stop-and-sell-your-ticket idea. Guess no one does that.
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Originally posted by BV:

Stop telling people about Silverton!
I was really thinking about going there as I want to do southern Colorado where I've never been (Crested Butte, Telluride and Wolf Creek), but the price kinda turned me off. So:

- Is it worth the 120$? How many runs can you ski in a day?
- Will there be space for a single showing up on Thursday or Friday in early February? I don't to reserve ahead of time...

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