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cgeib, I didn't discuss this topic with Mike and Deb. I guess we just had too many other things to discuss! However, I did expand my thinking on this during the course of the camp (especially on the various skis I got to try--reviews for SL, GS, and Mach 3 Power for those who haven't seen them, yet).

Here are a couple initial thoughts, and I'm going to let others percolate for a while before posting them...

When Rusty Guy talked about "bigger muscle groups" above, it began to tickle my imagination a bit. What was I not doing on the Metrons that would be useful in my overall skiing experience. This was reflected in Deb Armstrong's comments to me about my typical movements to tip the skis: I tend to move mostly in the ankles and knees, and mostly purely laterally (instead of directionally with the skis). I suspect that this is due in no small part to the way that I can ski the B5s. Note that this is not to say that I can't ski the B5s in a more effective and skilled way. Only that they respond so well to this basic input that I don't need to.

Especially after riding the Nordica SL Rs for an entire day yesterday, I began to see the potential available when I allow my body to move more inside the turn. The long leg/short leg that many folks have encouraged me to develop is part of this process. The directional move forward on the skis (as though pushing off from the stance foot when walking). All of these are moves that I don't need to make in order to arc nice turns on the Metrons. But, I think, making those moves (even on the Metrons) makes me more versatile and effective.

So, will getting a pair of skis that really demand those movements in order to perform be a benefit to me? Yes, I think so. But, I'll still like having my fun skis around for days when I don't want to work on that so much, or days when I just want to go out and feel like a superhero. What do you think? Am I lazy to want to do that?

(For those who haven't seen it, there is more on Deb's and Mike Rogan's comments about my skiing in the reviews of the PSIA/Nordica race camp: day 1, day 2, and day 3.)