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It's May ... Who's Already Made Trip Plans?

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Okay it's still May, but our family is already making / made our plans for December 15th - 22nd. We're heading to Eden, UT and will ski 3-4 days between PowMow and Snow Basin, and another 2-3 days between some of the rest ... PC, Snowbird, Alta, Solitude, etc.

My wife says about the only thing I think about is skiing, because when I'm not, I'm thinking about or planning when I can.

Just wondered if anyone else is planning or already made plans.
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Plans to go with our club to Aspen in March 07 and Jay Peak in December. Also going to Telluride in January or February. Michigan a time or two and of course for beer league.

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Been skiing since October and when I return to Colorado i will ski in June at A-Basin. I am making plans right now to go to a camp on Hood in mid-July. Not sure right now about August and Sept. but I will find snow somewhere.

Does anyone have a suggestion of a place to stay at Mt. Hood. It will be my first time there.
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Nothing firm, just an invitation to couch surf and use up comp tickets to Loveland and Steamboat.
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still enjoying this season still for a few more weeks
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Plan? Egad. Mother Nature will take care of planning where I go during an early season.
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Already have accommodations reserved for 07 and 08. If you live far away, and have a whole group, that's how it works...
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this one aint over yet and there's nothing better than walking into an airport w/ snow-skis when everyone else is in shorts and bikini tops. (hopefully only women)
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ski trip planning

Haven't plunked down for reservations yet, but am trying to decide between a december ski camp or January ski camp in Colorado. I will decide by July. Also, will plan the annual ski trip to utah by this summer.
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Argentina for 11 days in early to mid august. Counting the days...
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I snagged 2 frequent flyer tickets to Utah arriving 12-28 and leaving 1-7 for my 2 sons. Now I just need to buy a ticket for me. Has anybody else noticed that airfares are ridiculous right now. Any comments on crowd conditions during that time appreciated.
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Crowd conditions in Utah

I go out to Utah every year either the 2nd or 3rd week of January. We hit a different resort every day. Alta, Brighton, Solitude, PCMR, Snowbird, Snowbasin, etc...

Crowds at that time of the year have always been (for us) NON-EXISTENT during the week. Doesn't matter where we're at, we've never waited in lines during the week. On the weekends there might be a few lines at the most popular lower hill lifts at PCMR, The Canyons, or Deer Valley, but never too bad.

Having said that, you asked specifically about New Year's Eve time and into the first week of Jan. Can't say for positive. It might be the 2nd and 3rd week are light because everyone was there for New Year's Eve and the first week.
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We're pushing around the idea of SLC in February. A new non-stop flight from right here in little ol' Bellingham begins operation in June, so it's got us thinking.
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Have no firm committments right now, but am planning for a "mini" trip in mid Dec(wherever there's good snow), a 3 to 4wk road trip to southern Alberta/BC, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado in Jan/Feb and Lets Go Colorado III 1st week of April in Summit County.
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ESA East and maybe ESA Tahoe.
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A week in Jackson Hole mid March '07. A week in Breckenridge mid April '07. Somewhere shorter in Jan./Feb. and of course, closer (drivable) . CANNOT WAIT!
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ain't done with this season but...

EpicSkiGathering '07. North Tahoe.
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Might snag a 3 bedroom condo near Kicking Horse end of Feb.
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Not technically a ski trip...but I just found out that I got a promotion at work.....that involves moving to the company's office in Switzerland for the next 3 years....
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Originally Posted by Dorm57

Just wondered if anyone else is planning or already made plans.
Did you mean for the 2006-07 season or the 2007-08 season ?
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Originally Posted by Uncle Louie
Did you mean for the 2006-07 season or the 2007-08 season ?
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Originally Posted by Dorm57
Then the answer is Yes...and a little... in that order.
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I don't exercise enough forethought to plan 2 years in advance, but next season I'm booked for Vail the week of Thanksgiving and again the 1st week of April.
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Yes. I'm planning Whistler next week, The North Cascades the following week, Mt. Hood next month and mostly skiing at home next season.
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Mt Adams on July 2! Based on past years (and this years 140% average snowpack) we should get at least 5000 vert.ft.- and perhaps 7000- of skiing on descent.
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Steamboat Jan 26 for a week. Went last year and cought the only 4 days in a row it did not snow. First part of March. Hopefull to get more snow in late January
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I'm thinking/planning/dreaming of 3 weeks around the Feb vacation with my family in the SLC area, along with a trip up to Jackson Hole and then over to Big Sky. Still working on details and that one little detail MONEY, but I want to make it happen. Getting lots of good info on places to stay and the like by searching this site thanks to all.
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I've just booked two slots of 6 days each with guides - one to ski in Verbier, Switzerland, January 20th with Zeb Roche, the other in St Anton, Austria, March 2nd with Graham Austick.
The best of the guides have already got many of their dates booked up.
Next thing is to look for hotels and fill a few empty places in the group.
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Breck the second week of January, Park City the second week of April, both booked. Hopefully Kicking Horse somewhere in between.
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ESA Stowe, ESA Aspen, Alta right after ESA Aspen, South Lake Tahoe President's week.
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