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Why??? :(

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Why is it that every year, i promise myself that I won't buy a new ski for the next season, but i can never keep that promise? No matter how hard I try, there's always this ski that "i have to get". Any cures?
Skiing's becoming an expensive sport :|
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Buy 'em for me instead!

Jump- It's always smaller than it looks!
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There is a way to cure your ailment, MelloBoy, but you'll have to get your hands on a chicken head, two pints of beer, a leather mask, a picture of Margaret Thatcher in full frontal, three blind mice, 13 sticks of black p-tex, some Miracle-gro, and 15,000 Incan warriors. Once you accumulate these things, I'll give you the instructions. go in peace, my brother.

Spag's quote of the day:
"...Young blood. You see that white man over there? He the Devil. Never take your eye off the Devil."
- Dwight Ewell in "Chasing Amy" -
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Uh, oh yeah. You also need 15 feet of bungee cord and a llama tail. (Lucky for you I remembered. Otherwise this won't work!)<FONT size="1">

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I'm a recovering gearhead too when it come to skis. But this year I've vowed to spend any discrationary $'s on improving my skiing.
We'll see whether I make it through the season or fall off the wagon...again.
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Or you could purchase that new $3,000 Dynastar ski. That ought to break your habit and the bank.
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AT least you don't own 57 ( I finally counted) pairs of shoes.

I own 2 pairs of skiis: 1 downhill and 1 XC so ha. I am a bum. with a lot of shoes.

"When hell freezes over, I'll ski there too"
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