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Freshies! at A Basin, 5/9, with cgeib

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cgeib and I met at the A Basin lodge yesterday morning a bit after 10am. Although when we planned it, I expected to be skiing typical spring conditions, the reported 3" of new (4" over two days) indicated that it might be a bit different. As you'd expect, on a late spring weekday there weren't many people there (no waiting, but almost every chair was full on the main lifts most of the day). As a result, there were fresh lines pretty much everywhere all day. The snow ranged from a light dusting to boot-top in strategic places (we did our best to find a few of those).

We had a good time bombing around the mountain, exchanging technique ideas, and even swapping skis for a few runs (I was on the B5s, he was on his Top Fuel Modifieds). We even had a very little bit of snow showers during the day.

We saw a couple other EpicSki folks (mike_m and one other) taking a clinic.

It was a good time. No photos or video this time, but a good day of skiing and a surprise fresh snow day.
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So how did cgeib like the b5's?
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I'll let him tell you that. But watch for a thread in either the technique or gear discussion forum on this. It was pretty interesting...
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Yes, it certainly was a good time! Thanks for coming out and sharing the day ssh ...it was certainly a lot of fun

The other was Al Reiner (ESA2006 participant.) I skied with Al and Mike yesterday. Seems like a world ago as I'm home in rainy Ohio now.

Well, faisasy, as to the B5's, lets just say: now I understand the difficulties ssh is having:

Seriously, though, it was the first time for me on a Metron or any Atomic for that matter. I guess I should speak to their weight, as I've read so much about it, but I can't ...I stepped outa mine and into the B5's and never picked them up, and they didn't seem to weigh a thing while I was standing on them They sure are turny little buggers and require very little input (tipping or pressure) to get them to scribe an arc, though I would not describe them as even a little twitchy; if you lay them over and stand on them you're rewarded with a tight carve that feels about the size of the lip of a coffee mug Getting off into the ungroomed, I immediately noticed a difference as the B5's felt much softer and rolled right over the refrozen suprises under the fresh covering. They were very stable and plowed through everything while maintaining great edge hold, but provided much less feedback as to what was under foot than anything I own. I didn't ask ssh how he had the bindings mounted, but the B5's seemed to have a pretty sizeable sweet spot and really worked great with centered pressure underfoot. When steering the B5's were well mannered, stable and predictable ...though, other than in a lift maze or doing it for the sake of doing it, I don't think I ever conciously smeared a turn, even on the steeper off-piste areas - they just come around so dang quick! (I didn't ski them in real moguls though) The B5's were a lot of fun, well mannered and a pleasure to ride. I'm grateful that ssh allowed me the opportunity to try them out. Nonetheless, I prefer a bit more feedback and not quite so much side cut for bombing around most times (though, I must disclose I have a pair of Fischer WC SC's with a 10m radius for those other times )

Not really and "official" review, but there ya have it.

ssh, what did you find interesting?
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Here are some of my thoughts on why it was "interesting". You may want to add some of yours.
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