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salomon monocoque

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I have a pair of 05/06 Salomons with the monocoque titanium construction. Adjacent to the sidewall, the edge has started to detach from the metal layer above leaving a crack a few inches long and wide enough to fit a small paperclip at the center.

As far as I know, not much moisture is inside and there isn't any bulging in the base or anything. The edge isn't bent either, so if it is sealed shut again it should be fine.

I haven't been able to find specifics on the construction of the skis but I'm assuming some sort of epoxy and a clamp would be the best way to readhere the surfaces. Obviously the clamping would use an improv jig to distribute the pressure appropriately.

Anyone have experience or recommendations?
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If they've opened up once, than they will probably do it again. If they've already started to delaminate, this does not bode well for a long term relationship. Better off to go back to the dealer that you got them from and have them replaced under warranty while you still can. I had a pair that did the same thing. Their standard reply will be that the shop that tuned them last caused them to delaminate, but if you bug them enough, they will replace them.
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I've had a lot of luck with that type of repair on Salomon skis. You might know this already, but be sure to use really good epoxy and heat. I use System 3 which is sold by SVST for ski shop use, it is basically a boat/aircraft epoxy and has really good elasticity. Apply the epoxy to the opening while warming the epoxy and the area with a heatgun which makes the epoxy really runny and keep applying it until bubbles stop forming. After you clamp the area use a heat lamp or space heater to keep the epoxy warm for its set time. The construction shouldn't be an issue here, but it is basically a fiber/resin cap with metal either above or below the core. The epoxy will bond well with everything in there. Definitely play the warrenty card first.
Have fun.
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I would advise you to take them back now, before they break (like my volkl race department racetigers just did).

Once they weaken and then break, the warenty department will not want to know. So much for the "ski on them until the end of the season, and we will sort it out then attitude".
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