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Retro Ski

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Me (I´m Portuguese) and a Spanish friend of mine (Raul) are both very interested in ski history and we like a lot old skiing photos.

A few monthes ago, we started a blog where we make some articles with curious stuff and old images we find at the internet or that some people send us, and right now I think we already have some interesting contents for those who are interested in the history of the sport we all love.

We also have what I think is the most comprehensive gallery of vintage ski posters in our blog.

The blog is in Spanish (and one small section in Portuguese), but since we have many stories from all over the world, we started to translate it, some articles are already in English, and we will translate them all in the near future.

You´re all invited to visit Retro Ski and we will appreciate your comments, suggestions and critics.

Let me add that we do this solely for fun, it´s our hobby and not a commercial site.

We hope you enjoy yourselves with some of the stories and the images we have.

Pedro Maia
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Thanks a lot, Pedro. The pictures of ski fashion over the years are a hoot. Just think, we'll look that wierd to future generations. I loved the guys wearing ties while skiing.
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Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

I didn't look through all of your great old photos, but the one that caught my eye as most deserving of the supreme "Caption This" award for all time is:

Someone's just got to be able to come up with a good caption for this picture.

I'm thinking of something along the lines of "Dev team candidates coached by Vlad / Bob B / Fastman (whoever we want to pick on) demonstrate the most modern technique".


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Good stuff. I love history!
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Yea, great pics. Man I miss the 80"s!
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Very cool, thanks for the link.

Where are you getting the posters?
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Really like your website. Picking up my daughter at Dulles Airport this Friday upon her return from a semester of study abroad in Madrid. Unfortunately, she did not get a chance to ski while over there, but enjoyed much travel in Spain and Portugal.

I particularly enjoyed this old photo from your VIP section of our former President Gerald Ford. http://www.nevasport.com/fotos/buzon/79100.jpg
As you may know, he has been a great friend of American skiing, especially in the Vail/Beaver Creek area of Colorado. President Ford is now over 90 years of age and in failing health. He has a reputation as a klutz, a physically uncoordinated man, but was in reality perhaps the best athlete ever to serve as US President.
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Thanks for all your kind words, I really must speed up the translation because we have some great stories that most people can´t read right now.

@ Okolepuka

The posters can be found in many sites all over internet, but you just can´t find them all together...except on Retro SKi .

@ Jamesj

You you tell how to put a photo here (I looked all over and I didn´t find how to do it), I have another of your former President Ford with his family at Boyne Mountain.

Pedro Maia
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Ok, I just found out hot to put images, here you have it:

Pedro Maia
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