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Well, I just got my first ever pair of ski boots...

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I've been skiing on rear-entry rental boots in all my time on the slopes. A few days ago, I went to the ski shop, got fitted to and bought a pair of boots.


I haven't skied with them yet, of course - I haven't had them a week and there's no snow. But just wearing them a couple times has me amazed. When teaching me, my instructors told me to press my shin against the front of the boots to stay forward and in good skiing position. Of course, since this took some effort, I was easily knocked into the back seat by steeper slopes or unexpected bumps. Those broken-down rental boots are worthless.

So, after wearing these new boots a couple times, I'm very excited because I can feel, without even having skis on my feet, that these boots are just putting me in the right place. It's an incredible feeling, and I'm getting all worked up trying to imagine how much these boots will help my skiing in the coming season. I'll try not to expect anything and see what I learn, but - I can't wait!

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Good for you Grolby! You will see real progress in your skiing this coming season. Tell us about the boots you bought?
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Good man, Grolby! Ya, tell us more about the boots! And about the fitting process!
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I did the same thing this southern season, threw out my old EX rental rear entry boots and bought new ones. I had a similar backseat problem with them. New boots improved my sking by 2 full levels I reckon. You'll see improvement straight away, and won't be able to get the smile off you face.
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Okay, I'm back at last.

First, the fitting process: The guy at the ski shop first had me take off my shoes and socks and put on a pair of provided ski socks. So far so good. He got out his little foot-measuring tool and go a ballpark size for me, so we knew where to start. I told him my price range, which was up to about 180 to 190 dollars. Fortunately, the mark-downs on boot prices were HUGE, even on the 2003 boots. He went out back and got three boots in my price range - the Nordica B7, a Salomon, and a Rossignol (I think). We had to go back and get another half-size up in the Nordica to get it to fit comfortably.

He told me all about how to put the boots on properly as I was being fitted. First he had me step in, then flex forward several times to move my heel all the way back before closing the boot. I flexed it again a few times, and we tightened it up. We did this for all the boots I tried, of course. It became immediately clear that the Nordica was the best fit for my foot. It was snug, and the pressure was even all over my foot. The other boots were a bit tight in either the heel or balls of the feet, despite being the correct length. I walked around a bit to be sure that it was holding me well enough; I felt very happy with it, overall.

So, I am now the proud owner of a pair of Nordica B7 ski boots. I paid $120 dollars for them, apparently down from $250. So, it's not a very high level boot, obviously. However, it has good support, without being insanely stiff. I'm honestly not very good at judging the flex and support of a ski boot, having only used broken-down rear-entry rentals before, but the ski shop guy (it feels wrong to just call him a salesperson) seemed very trustworthy, and genuinely interested in helping me pick a good boot. He told me it would do very nicely for the type of skiing I'm doing right now, though I don't know if I should have asked how much room it leaves for improvement. It helps that I like the way the boots feel, and what they do with my posture, so I'm really very happy with how it worked out. Hopefully I'll end up being still happier when the ski season rolls around.

Finally, once I've skied the boots enough to break them in, I take them back in to get adjusted again, so they have the optimum fit. I'm new to this, but I've bought ski clothing at this place before, and they really do seem to know their stuff. They are definitely friendly and helpful. I'm making mental note to come back to Ken Jones Ski Market (in Nashua, NH) in the future, if they are truly as good as the impression they made on me.

That post was a bit long, but I could easily go into more detail on how I was fitted. Does that sound good to you guys? I know I've said it about three times already, but I really enjoyed and appreciated the experience.
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