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Ripped off on EBAY - don't make my mistakes

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So I am being ripped off as I write this. Mostly from mistakes that I could've avoided. Why? Becasue I'm stoopit!!!

1) Didn't pay with paypal - it wasn't an option -- RED FLAG
2) Didn't read feedback carefully enough
3) Wasn't suspicious enough

So bought skis on Ebay recently from someone who had good feedback, or so it seemed. If paid more attention to feedback and cross referenced their feedback would've noticed they appeared on each others accounts quite often. Also using the same broken english. All located in Canada. The seller was only a member for 5-6 months and bought low $ items initially and then started to sell higher $$$$ items with a 2-3 month lag between buying and selling. So the sellers' feedback was legit, but not the buyers'.

The bidding was hidden so it may've been same people upping the price and not true bidders. All items sold were pretty much the same stuff and feedback as noted above (great seller, AAA, +++, would buy from again etc). All buyer feedback was from members who joined around the same time.

After winning auction, received email asking for USPS International Money order. Also said would take $15 off price if sent express mail- so I could track it. Why didn't I find this fishy? - cause I'm stoopit (or didn't you remember?). USPS International money orders can't have payment stopped unlike Wester Union etc.

Paypal covers up to $1000
Ebay only $200 minus $25 processing fee = $175
Sellers who only take money orders - don't trust them.
Read feedback and cross reference with their feedback.
Be somewhat suspicious. Most sellers aren't crooks. Sellers with years of good feedback are most likely trustworthy.
If things seem fishy, they probable are.
I got burned, hope you don't.
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So, how much did you get taken for?
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My total loss/cost was $429 and I expect to get $175 back = $254.
If I look at the three other pairs of skis I purchased from Ebay and what their cost would've been from cheapest on-line or local store, I'm still ahead. I try to look at the silver lining.
I'll still buy on Ebay but with more caution.
Who knows maybe I'll get a pair of skis in the mail in the next few weeks.
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Who was the seller??
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he/she has been suspended from Ebay so will come again as another name. From Toronto Canada. Once enough time has gone by so that I'm 100% sure I've been ripped off, I could pm his name and address to you. Right now I'm only 99.999999% sure.
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Sorry to hear about this, do expose the seller, or post a link to the auction. Seems like you saw all the warning signs and went ahead with the deal. Ebay can be a good place, but it helps to be reminded on how to stay safe.
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Saw the warning signs in hindsight. Just too excited about ski buying, that damn Phil Syndrome Disease!

I have to wait a few days to expose. I got an email from Ebay once they suspended him/her, but too soon to be 100% sure.
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guess every one had the same experience from ebay one of those days. I have been buying and selling on ebay for 9 years, registered 2 months after they started. The heaviest loss was also from Canada, a $2000 bunker which I had total loss, not a penny was recovered. anyway, I was able to recover several, like some student in U of Waterloo, I found his school by his email address and wrote to everyone I can find in that U and that got him good.

Here is a list of help that you may be able to report your losses to:

1. Post Office Inspector
2. Local Police
3. FBI
4. Paypal
5. Ebay
6. Anything to do with the seller's identity.
7. Other buyers bought from that seller.

I have received help from all the above in my 9 years of ebay experience.
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Thanks jackwan1, but aren't all those for domestic infractions? Since he/she is in Canada don't I need international help? I doubt I will be able to recoup anything but the $175 from Ebay. Less costly then higher education, however.
I like your attitude. Screw me and you'll regret it somehow. emails to the U - great!
Also since my Express mail hasn't been received yet, there is still a chance I may get it back (yeah right).
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Wouldn't a USPS (international or domestic) be tracable. USPS postal inspectors are tenacious investigators, set them loose on the scent, maybe they will enlist the help of the Canadian Mounties (who always get their man) and visit all manner of hell and damnation on the miscreant.
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If your express mail has not been logged as received yet you might be able to get the International money order stopped. Check with your local postmaster.

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I've called USPS and visited two different offices and they were apologetic, but unhelpful. They will only stop payment on money orders if they were stolen from the post office. They won't accept mail back once it has left the states (post 9-11 stuff). I should contact the Mounties. Where's Dudley DoRight when you need him?
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What a bummer, bumpdad. Thanks for the advice.

I got burned only once, and it was for something small. No real money lost, but it was amazing how much of an ***hole the seller was. My only negative comment came from the person who ripped ME off!!!: :
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Originally Posted by Bonni
My only negative comment came from the person who ripped ME off!!!: :
Same for me. The guy ripped me off, I returned the item (a piece of software that was advertised as the latest version but ended being an obsolete version) and never got a refund. He had the balls to leave me negative feedback. He was banned from eBay for similar offenses the next month. Still eBay refused to remove the feedback he left me. That's also when I learned that after 90 days eBay and Paypal will not do anything for you... Live and learn.

Sorry to hear about your problem bumpdad.
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I lost about $60 on ePrey. The seller was apparently behind on his rent and his landlord took possession of his merchandise and locked the doors. The seller then went into bankruptcy. Needless to say, I lost my $60 and Paypal was no help at all.

The seller had excellent feedback and shouldn't have been a problem. That's my only loss with over 100 purchases on ePay. Paypal is not the guarantee they lead you to believe.

My biggest concern is that eBay tends to condone fraud and other illegal activity. They talk a big line but do very little about it based on many things I've read from people who have lost money. Let the buyer beware!
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Ebay is great most of the time, but really....isn't it like a huge pawn shop?(in some cases)
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I've seen a few scams. One guy was selling the info CD to cameras, but the ad looked for all the world as though he was selling the camera. Again, 30 positives in a few months for small items. I saw some ads which were priced for 1 ski, but those seemed to go away a few years ago.

I just got done buying an entire kitchen appliance set from various sellers with no problems.
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I have been lucky...but also very cautious.
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Originally Posted by bumpdad
Saw the warning signs in hindsight. Just too excited about ski buying, that damn Phil Syndrome Disease!
Sorry, there is no cure for this, not even a 12 step process. I am working on government funding as we speak. I think a pledge drive might be in order.
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I pledge........one ski.
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Originally Posted by Phil Pugliese
Sorry, there is no cure for this, not even a 12 step process. I am working on government funding as we speak. I think a pledge drive might be in order.
You could raise money by having a ski swap...hmmmm...maybe not a good suggestion...never mind...
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Originally Posted by bumpdad
Thanks jackwan1, but aren't all those for domestic infractions? Since he/she is in Canada don't I need international help?
There are lots of Canadians who read this board. You never know. Nothin' like rounding up a posse...
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This is why you should shop your local retailer ! We are here for a reason we ski and we will help you . Shop small specialty retailers for best service .
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had two buddies get their boards stolen. three days later, one of the boards goes up n ebay. we found the links to the photo host, 2 kids myspace accounts (one of whom said for hobbies: "I like to steal expensive stuff from innocent strangers") took it all to the police, who had to shake down ebay for the account info, but finally arrested the kids. My buddy had won the auction for his board, getting more evidence. the kids are hosed.

I now have one of the two boards. they don't think theyll get the second one, but the kids will be making restitution...

EBAY...The worlds greatest Fence. If you have spomething stolen...watch ebay for a few weeks.
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I bid on 2 pair of Skis from an Ebay seller called "tamagosushi1314". A pair of 06 Rossi B4's and a '06 Rossi B2. Shortly after I received an email from Ebay, subject: Important Message from eBay Loss Prevention Department.

The following is a notice from eBay Trust & Safety regarding:

Item Number - 8800595603

Item Title - Rossignol Bandit B2 Ski with bindings

Our records show that you were a bidder or buyer of one or more of this seller's items. We recently removed this seller's active listings and suspended the seller's trading privileges. Due to privacy concerns we cannot share further details about this seller.

If the seller asks you to complete this transaction outside of eBay, we strongly recommend that you do not proceed with the transaction. Transactions for items listed on eBay but then completed off of the eBay platform are not covered by buyer protection programs offered by eBay and can be highly indicative of fraud. For more information on Offers to Buy or Sell Outside of eBay, copy and past the following Help Page link into your browser: http://pages.ebay.com/help/policies/rfe-spam-non-ebay-sale.html.

If you have already paid for this item but have not received it, you should take all possible steps to receive reimbursement.

1. Stop payment with your bank if you paid by check.
2. Contact the Security Department of your credit card company to file a
chargeback if you paid via credit card.
3. If you paid via Western Union or MoneyGram, contact the company directly (Western Union 800-325-6000 or MoneyGram 800-926-9400).
4. If you paid with PayPal, you may be eligible for up to $1,000 USD coverage at no cost. To file a claim with PayPal, login to your PayPal account and copy and paste the following link into your web browser:
https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_protections-buyer-outside Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the File a Claim link. PayPal claims must be filed within 45 days of the close of the listing. It may take at least 30 days to complete the investigation and resolve the dispute.
5. If you did not pay with PayPal and would like to file a claim with eBay, please initiate the Item Not Received Process online directly from the Security and Resolution Center at the bottom of the eBay.com page.
6. eBay claims must be filed within 60 days of the end of the listing.

Our goal is to ensure that your eBay experience is safe so that you can buy confidently. It is rare that something goes wrong with a transaction on eBay. However, in the event it does, we would like to provide as much assistance as possible to help resolve the issue.

Please do not respond to this email, as your reply will not be received.


Customer Support (Trust and Safety Department)
eBay Inc
If you look at feed back for "tamagosushi1314", it shows 100% positive. But the 5 of the top feedbacks show buyers who are "no longer a registered user". If you click on any of the buyers feedbacks, you see a similar pattern. All the buyers who were kicked out all have a similar number of feedbacks +/- 25.


It seems they created dozens of accounts and won bogus auctions to make it seem like they were on the up and up.
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