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South America Hike/Trek

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Goal is to go to South America for about 20 days -- half time spent skiing and other half spent hiking/trekking.

Looking for information about adventure vacation operators in south america ... anyone?

- moderate altitude trekking/hiking
- organized enough to be safe and reliable, but not totally orchestrated
- no bus or train passages -- we want to do the hiking/trekking

thanks in advance!
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So America

KlKaye, I know on person who is familiar with ski mountaineering in So. America. Contact him at: NASTC (North American Ski Training Center), the owner and man you want to talk to is Chris Fellows. Just do a Google on NASTC and you'll get the site. Hes in Truckee Calif.
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thanks pete ...

we'll ski one week and then probably head down into the amazon for a week of hiking/trekking ... is this guy connected in that area?
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