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Poor, Poor, miseable me.

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Dudes, Dudes, and Dudettes,

Our season has been miserable, it's the worst start in memory. At Smugglers' Notch, we traditionally open the Friday after Thnaksgiving, and we did this year, but all we had was one ribbon of manmade from the top of Sterling Mountain, the smaller of the two main mountains. It wasn't bad, like cream-of-wheat, or mashed potatoes, so I didn't mind. All skiers packed onto one-way-down was problematic, however, we had young kids on the same pitches as wild boarders. The patrol had to be stationed at the pitch tops to slow people down. Anyways, the next saturday was worse: The temps barely reached snowmaking levels so the ribbon of snow was barely maintained. In fact, the snow ended 50 yards short of the lift, so you had to take your skis off and walk to the lift. Some people tried to ski over the hay, but it really didn't work. But, skiing is skiing so everybody was in a good mood. Now come we to last saturday. We were scheduled for on-slope patrol refresher, but the ribbon of snow was all we had. In fact, when 40+ patrollers showed up, we all took the lift up, but the conditions were so treacherous, that some older patrollers took the lift back down. The snow guns were on top-to-bottom and you had to ski the snowmaking whales, which were pebble glazed ice on one side, changing instantly to fresh glue on the other, which would grab your skis and throw you over. You had to slalom the guns and NOT go near the hose, because if you cut a hose, there would be a 300 psi snake whipping around which would take your head off. It was so dangerous that we all took the one run and promptly closed the mountain. Any skiers who showed up got a refund and an additional free ticket for making the drive. We took our refresher inside and mourned the total lack of snow.

Today, as I look out my office window, I see brown grass where there should be white gold. It's been pouring rain all morning as a warm front passes through. Freezing rain is predicted, which is doubly bad since that means the warm air is on top, therefore the mountain peaks are probably warmer than the valleys, therefore, no snow yet again. One local area, Bolton Valley, just declared chapter 11 bankrupcy. Another area, Sugarbush, imposed a paycut and layoff. Bad news, very bad.

No snow predicted in the next week, either. Bummer. I repeat, worst season start in memory. I suspect global warming.

Ah, poor me, poor me, poor, poor, pitiful me.

Attention: West Coast Bears.

Please project vibes in an easterly direction. It looks like viarious is all we're going to get for a while.
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I feel fer ya, bud. Reckon it'll come yer time though. A big ol' spring fer y'all.
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Its raining on Mt. Hood as we beam you good vibes but another day will come and smiles will be big.
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Well, me personally, I'm sick and tired of NOT skiing, so, regardless of the r word. (I WILL NOT say it, you can't make me!)
I'll be out in the snud (snowy mud), or the variable conditions cause I'm gonna hit the "mountain" tomorrow. So, while it will not be big beautiful bowls of white snow like out west, it will be skiing.

With any luck, the weather man will be wrong as usually, and I'll have a ski grin on my face at the end of the day.
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Sending snow vibes ~~~~~~~~~

<FONT COLOR="#800080" SIZE="1">[ December 13, 2001 09:42 AM: Message edited 1 time, by Sugar Snack ]</font>
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~~~~~~~~~~~ receiving snow vibes

And checking the weather for my favorite area in Vt reveals rain in 2 out of the next 4 days, temps in the 40's????

Hmmn, that tortoise shaped snow cloud you sent musta gotten snared in the Rockies.....
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Get on plane to Denver
Take shuttle to Vail\BC
Ski perfect snow
In sunshine

Why wait
Do it now.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Sugar Shack,
Heck of a vibe! I like it. Just waiting for that stuff.
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I was at H.V. yesterday and it was sad to see a few piles of man made snow melting in the rain and 55 degree temps, but today more rain, heavy rain. I was just on the Climate Prediction site of N.O.A.A. and they said Winter will be here next week in the form of cold and heavy snows. Below normal temps for the remainder of December and right through Marhc. Pattern changes are in full swing with Lake effect snows for Western N.y. most of next week and a White Christmas. New England much the same with a low hanging off the coast bringing return precipitation in the form of the white stuff to the mountains of New England. It's comming boys and girls. By the way Ohio dwellers, Lake Erie is 7 degrees warmer than last year at this time. Any arctic air from the Northwest will bury us all. Also bring lake effect snows well into February for a change. H.V. will open next Saturday. Bring it on Lord!
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I am hearing that it is going to cool down towards the end of next week in NE. Let's hope and pray for a few big dumps!!
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Yep, was training instructors all day today at Mt. Snow - it was a lot more fun than *not* skiing, but the snow was much more like A-Basin in July than what it should be like here in mid-December!

Ah well, even a poor day of skiing is better than a good day of nearly anything else!
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Dudes! Dudettes!

OK, good vibe job everyone. It's coming down, I say again: It's coming down. That formerly brown bummer of a vista outside my window is now pure angelic white and, did I mention this? It's coming down, dudes, it's coming down, dudettes.

Ok, time for a vibe-shift: think QUANTITY, QUANTITY, QUANTITY. Double figures should do for a start, couple, maybe three days of continuous. While appearances do matter, right now we need DEPTH.

I am sure in my heart of hearts that the West Coast Bears are directly responsible for the current dumpage.

OOH! OOH! A snowplow just went by!

This is so cool I have to go to the bathroom again.
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I don't know about you guys and gals, but I've had a case of severe CLINICAL DEPRESSION for the last 3 weeks!

If we don't get some snow soon, I'm going to need some professional help. :
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Sends some of those vibes down south to the mid-atlantic. We still haven't been able to crank our guns yet!!! It looks marginal for the end of the week for us too..... Ullr why have you forsaken us??? :
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