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Heading to Sunday River for the first time this weekend...

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Where's the good stuff to ski there? I know they've got a bunch of different peaks, and I won't have time to explore the entire mountain in two days. I'm looking for trees, steeps, some hidden back-country if there is any. Maybe a frozen riverbed with a few 6-10 foot drops that's not on the trailmap.

We're staying slopeside...ski-in/ski-out. Any good bars up there in the middle of nowhere?


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you're looking in the wrong place for steeps and backcountry...
but seriously, Sunday River was my old home mountain when I lived back east, don't know what they have open but I loved the terrain in the OZ, the chutzpah glades are good, bims whim is one of the classic NE narrow windy runs, that I loved, last tango glades and blind ambition are good. Also, Lollapalooza is one of the best green cruisers around, long and fun with nice vistas.
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OZ and Jordan. Fast lifts and advanced terrain = less crowded. Not sure about cliffs.
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Sunday River has some fun thinned out on the map intermediate-pitch tree skiing. They don't get all that much natural snow so most are likely to have a rope across them. Expect to mostly be skiing on snowmaking trails. Since it just thawed, expect to mostly be skiing on groomed snowmaking trails or under the snowguns.

The 'signature' steep bump run is called White Heat. It's another one of those wide supertrail abortions built to compete with Killington's Outer Limits. Shock Wave, one trail over, has much more character.

Sunday River has tons o' fairly short medium pitch groomers organized as trail pods. If you're a competent skier, you'll have no trouble getting to pretty much all of it in two days. The place sprawls but you ski it 1000 vertical feet at a time so you tend to get a lot of runs in.
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Hey GeoffD:

by any chance was that picture of you on Snowbird climbing wall on their site?

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Go to Wildcat instead if you are looking for stream skiing, but you'll find some good (although tracked) streams there. I'd join you, but I'm stuck in Colorado now.
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for sunday river, i'd recommend skiing the mountains left to right. start up white cap in the AM before the crowds hit and then work your way to the right as crowds grow.

white cap is fun for all that it offers, OZ is a great little area. anything to the right of the mid-lodge that's at the top of the high speed quad is good terrain that is comparitively less crowded.
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Actually there is one very good stream trail (not on the map) and another one through the trees that has a very steep ledge. I do not know the trail names so bear with me.
The steep steam trail is accesed from the top of the white heat lift (far left side of the mountain looking up). When you get off the lift bear right (there is a trail to the right of White heat heading down, you want to cross the top of this). In good snow conditions and they are not great now, there is a small cornice you jump off to start the run. The run empties out on top of a small lift that is at the far left side loking up. The brush has been cleared from the stream bed.
Going down to the left side of white heat there is a marked steep tree run. The other run that is fun is off a middle peak which you bear left exiting the chair and then go right into the woods. When you are over towards white heat look back the other way and you will see the ledge. All this said. I doubt you will find much snow off the trail.
There is a fun cliff under a chair, but that is out of bounds so I am not recommending it.
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Hey Cp- What's up?

I was just at Sunday River today (Friday) and will be there Sat. Right now snow is LACKING. Stick w/ what SUnday RIver is known for- the groomed cruisers. Seriously, for high speed crusing there's no better place. Braker is by FAR the most crouded mountain, and SPruce Peak. Barker is my favorite mountain, but it gets crouded, so ski that early. WHite Heat is over rated and the bumps aren't that great right now. Jordans and OZ is also good for some crusing, but all the trees and non snow making trails need more natural stuff before they become skiable again. Trails to hit (for carving some turns) RIGHT STUFF on Barker Mountain, SHOCK WAVE, White Cap, ROGUE ANGLE, Jordans Bowl, for Bumps AGONY on Barker or WHITE HEAT on White Cap. Trees- need snow. ANyway- I'll meet up with you for some turns on Saturday- when r u going to be there? If you see this just say when and where and I'll be there- oh yeah and what your wearing [img]smile.gif[/img] Should be sweet tomorrow.
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