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Transpack alert

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For those of you with older Transpacks, check the condition of the sheath on the shoulder straps where they secure to the bag.

I was shocked, the straps are now secured only by a few threads and the thing is falling apart (impossible to repair). The bag has seen five or six years of pretty hard use and it has had a few annoying problems like the internal pouch threads unraveling.

It is a shame that these are not made to the standards of Kelty or North Face! Overall, I think it is still the best design so I'll replace it with another, but still I am disappointed that the fabric and stitch quality are sub-par; for a few bucks more it could have seen many more years.

The thing came apart quickly, during the last outing I noticed a few stray threads .... now the whole shoulder is ready to cut loose. Better at home than in an airport.
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Hmmm. Now you have me wondering to how many places these things were sourced.

I'm looking at one here that's almost 7 years old*; not one of the problems you mention.

The strap attachment is backed by a straight line of one-inch webbing that runs across the width of the pack. The webbing is stitched to the pack with the strap sheath squeezed between. At each corner of where the straps meet the webbing there is a half-inch of double-overlap stitching, that could pass for buttonhole work on a medium-quality shirt.

Hmmm. :

IM(SH)O it'd be fairly straightforward for a tent repair person to cut the webbing stitching and replace the strap set?

(*Never had skis carried on it. Regularly treated with transparent (micronized) ultra-concentrate fabric softener, mostly for chafing control)
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The whole sheath that is on the padding of the shoulder strap where they attatch to the bag is disintegrating (almost like cheesecloth now), for about an inch down the strap and where it attaches to the bag.

A close second examination indicates that the material used to sheath the strap is just not up to bearing the load ... it's just too thin (flimsy); the threads are just separating at the "stress point" where they meet the more secure attachment point at the bag.

I never carried a bowling ball in there just the expected boots, helmet, glasses and lip balm a handkerchief and some advil and an occasional fleece layer.

I like the darned thing so I'm gonna go buy another.

Before another Bear was gonna' take off on a long trip .... better to check it out now ... My kid uses his as his carry on ... and when you have a load to haul through the airport the last thing you need is a messed up bag.
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For the first six years it saw about 50 days as season, last year, it may have hit the 75 day mark, and that is probably above "average usage".

So I ain't got "tight knickers" over this ...
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Didn't they offer a lifetime warrantee at one time?
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I'd at least check in with them and see what they say. Can't hurt...
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Nah! I don't chase the companies when I think I have gotten reasonable service out of the product. I do wish one of the competition would come up with a similar design with better quality however.

My big gripe is that the slightly larger TRV model is much higher in price ($80), than the standard pack ($40). That is a huge price difference for just a bit more room.
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tief schnee

Please translate that one.
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I see the Alert! triangle and the graphic urge just sweeps me away.

Anyway translation=Oh man, that sucks, too bad.
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I'll bet you had the biggest box of Crayolas in first grade.

Am I right?
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Originally Posted by Yuki
better to check it out now ...
Since I started using mine as a bike commuter pack, I've become convinced another good policy is to wash them, much like is recommended for climbing ropes, on the theory that ingrained dirt is not so very different than sandpaper grit.
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Originally Posted by Yuki
My big gripe is that the slightly larger TRV model is much higher in price ($80), than the standard pack ($40). That is a huge price difference for just a bit more room.
Yes, Yuki this is true; but the TRV is not just a bit bigger, but is also made of heavier material, has better zippers, more pockets, locking loops and other features. I feel that it is a much better product. Whether it justifies the difference in price is debatable, but it is a significantly better product which you may find to your liking.
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Thanks for that info. I have not been able to get an "eyeball" on one because the local shops don't stock them. I'll have to get it from Reliable Racing.

It's good to hear that it is of better quality.
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The TVR is a fair amount larger. My wife uses the smaller version and I the larger. She's out a couple days a week. I'm dragging mine around every day I can (124 this past season). Hers shows more wear.

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Yuki, are you still a PSIA member? If so, the TVR is on the PSIA catalog.
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Darned you! Now I won't be able to endlessly rant about PSIA.

It's something I should have bought before I dropped out. I should probably take advantage of that "associate" thing though.

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