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Hi Guys,

I’m looking for review or advise on the K2 Made’n’AK, I have a pair of K2 Axis XP’s 173cm as my all rounder, and love em. I’m 6’ and 190lbs, ski 40+ days a year. I am heading over to Hakkaido Japan for another season and want to make an addition to the quiver. I’m looking for a replacement for the Pocket Rockets 185cm (I’d buy another pair if I could find em), which I loved in Pow, light/nimble in trees, OK in bumps, and generally fun all over the mountain with its soft flex. I looking at the K2 Made’n’AK as I can get a good deal on them in a 179cm.

So what do you think about the K2 Made’n’AK in 179? I’ve read they’re pretty heavy in the 189, and a real effort to swing around quickly in trees etc. Would this be the same in the 179 at my weight??

Cheers Mick