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Salomon S916 bindings

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Does anyone know if there are any differences between the S916 lab and the S916 equipe race bindings? I am looking to mount a pair on my Salomon equipe DH, the ones that have the pre-drilled black equipe race plate.
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They are the same; just a different year with a different name. All Salomon driver toes have the same mounting pattern.
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The s916 Lab has the ZZ inteface with the floating heel and is designed for the newer Lab plates. The Equipe is the standard version with separate toe and heel pieces. They're cataloged as Lab and Equipe, although both of current versions have Lab marked on them. It sounds like you have skis with the older Poweraxe plates so you'll likely want the Equipe.
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Thanks to both of you for your imput. The skis have the black poweraxe race plate, not the equipe racing plate. I did notice that the 916 lab has the black lab plate, and the equipe race does not. I didn't want to purchase the wrong ones.
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Do they pair the bindings with the plate now? From my understanding any driver heel/toe can mount on the ZZ interface as they all share the same hole pattern... either way, make sure the binding you get is a normal spacer binding with no plates/etc.
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I was looking at them on www.starthaus.com. It shows the 916 lab with a black lab plate. Maybe its to show that they will work with the ZZ interface.
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You can physically mount a non-ZZ binding on the ZZ-interface plates. I don't know anyone that's actually done it though. It's just that Salomon says to use the "ZZ interface only" Lab bindings.

A ZZ binding on a non-ZZ plate may or not work depending on the placement of the metal band that connects the heel and toe.

Plates come with the skis. None of the Salomon race bindings come with plates.
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You can mount a non-ZZ salomon binding onto a ZZ plate if you need to. You can also mount a ZZ binding onto a pre-ZZ plate like a poweraxe or hangl if you need to, the ones with predrilled holes are all fine for this for sure. I have done both for athletes and had no issues. I checked with the race department and was told that this was ok to do.
Have fun.
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