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Bounty on Pass Fraud

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I understand Bogus Basin is giving their lift operators a $50 bonus for every fraudulent pass user they catch. Aimed at people who loan their season pass to their buds. Kind of a cool idea to keep the lifties watching.

Anyone know what other resorts are doing?
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Bridger Bowl was doing the same last season, but I think they were getting like $10 a pass or something like that, but I coud be wrong about the amount. It might have been $100 a pass, but I doubt it since Bridger doesn't have much money to begin with.
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Steven's gives their lifties $25 for lift ticket and $50 for a season pass. Poaching seems to be gettin' harder and harder these days. That is of course, if you don't know the right people..heh heh heh. All kidding aside, I know kids who payed their entire rent with just the money they earned for catching people with bad passes. I'm pretty sure Schweitzer and Mission have the same kind of incentives.

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I'm doing a flip-flop on this subject. The price people get charged for a pass today is getting outrageous. Anyone who can get a deal or can sneak by is alright as far as I don't know about it. I'm getting soft I guess. Maybe a new outlook.
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For some reason I sense another ticket clipping debate coming on. :
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I think it is more valuable for keeping the lifties tuned in and motivated. Good way to encourage personal contact with the skiers. Lifties are the guys that get the most face time with the guests and will make or break you on guest services IMHO. Give ‘em a chance to clear an extra $200 a week.
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At Mammoth, I think they got $50 bucks a pop for catching poachers last season. Our season pass is only $400, and our season usually goes from Early Nov to July, so it's very affordable for anyone. Bust the deadbeats!
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