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Happy Birthday Ott

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You are a real original. Happy Birthday. Keep on wedeln

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It's otts birthday!
How awesome to celebrate another year of living!
Really Living!
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Happy 29th birthday!
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Hippo Birdie! Two Ewes!
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Many Happy reTURNS!!

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Lieber Ott!

Viel Glud zum! Freudig Geburtstag!

und . . . wei alt?

das Deutsche . . . nicht gut Entschuldigen Sie mir, bitte.
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happy birthday Ott
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Youth is wasted on the young.

Happy Birthday Ott!
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May your Manhattan have an extra maraschino cherry in it tonight. Cheers!
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May next year bring more skiing than this.

Happy Birthday!
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Happy Birthday Ott.
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Holy moly! All day I toasted with friends, Slivovitz, manhattens, Warsteiner, etc.

Now I would like to raise one to you my friends for allowing me to be part of such a great community, here is to you, cheers, or as we say, prost!

Oboe, your German is good enough to get you a drink (or anything else you may want ) in Austria and Germany.

I am 74 today and confident of having another 15-20 years of good skiing ahead of me.

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Oh goody, double post, I must quit all this toasting..

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Happy Birthday Ott!

It's better to wear out than rust.
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Ott's toasted.
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Happy Birthday Ott,

How about a Sigi story in honor of your special day?
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And they say "only the good die young"

Hope you have 74 more Ott.

You are an inspiration to all us "young" guys.
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I knew there was a reason to open that 1991 Cab. Happy 29th..

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Originally Posted by Ott Gangl
Oboe, your German is good enough to get you a drink (or anything else you may want ) in Austria and Germany.
Nicht wahr! . . . na aber, wirlich?:
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Well Ott's had another birthday since this thread was started. But the original link to his brilliant skiing is broken, so here it is again:



Go Ott!


Best regards,


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Well Bob, you put me up on several old threads lately and I'm getting tired wedeling on so many places at the same time . In six weeks from today I will be 77 and still feel as young as seven years ago when you took this picture.


We a had a good snowy season and we skied a lot, the best thing about it for me was that Ann, who doubted that she could ski this season because of arthritis in her right knee, not only skiid all winter with me, she was the one pushing to go all the time, she just took a couple of aspirins a couple of hours before and then iced the knee after getting home. A real trooper, she is.


I need to do some clarification about how wedeln came about in one of the other threads, it actually was a big breakthrough in ski technique.


All the best...



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Wedeling constantly in six different places at once...that'll keep you in shape, Ott!


I'm glad to hear that you and Ann got some good skiing in this season. It's been an odd winter for us around here. We really didn't get much snow until finally now--spring, just a couple weeks from the end of the season!


May you wedel forever!



Best regards,


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Happy Birthday old friend.


You need to come ski with the Lars some day you know. But, you'll have to go easy on me ok?

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Ich freuemich fehr zu erfahren du bist ziepzig und seben und noch lebend!


The best of the best to you, alt freund, and many, many more!  

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Oboe, I assure you that I am still alive at 77 and plan on skiing for a long time to come.


Thanks everybody for the good wishes even though my birthday is still almost five week away. Heck, I don't feel a day over 70.



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