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Plug Boots

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I am looking for a new boot. I did my homework but i did not find what i am looking for.

I want a narrow boot (plug or semi-plug) with an upright stance and low instep. It seems to me that there is no such boot.

As i said, i did my homework but i am disappointed. There are a few narrow boots:
Atomic RT Ti and CS
Nordica Dobermann WC 150 and Pro 130/110
Head RD
Tecnica DIablo R and Pro
Lange WC 150

It seems that only two have an upright stance:

I have read that the Atomic RT Ti has a lot of forward lean (according to Jeff B.). Others think it does not have a huge amount of forward lean. I did not try the boot so i don't know.

Now comes the most interesting part. It seems that only one boot has a low instep:
Atomic RT Ti

I have read that the Dobermann, RD, Diablo R, Pro and RL11 all have a high instep.

So, could you please tell me which of thses boots has an upright stance and a low instep? It seems that no boot will be perfect

Thanks a lot!
Epic is great.
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The beauty of plug boots is that everything can be changed, all of the boots with too much forward lean can be made more upright by either heating the top of the boot (less radical) or cutting and grinding and re-bolting the cuff to the boot in a more upright position (as radical as you need). The super-experienced boot fitter guys will have their own version of this and no problem doing it. One boot to add to your list is a slightly older Salomon X2 from before the honeycomb. Salomon made the last quite a lot bigger in that boot 2 years ago and the instep wasn't very high. There are quite a few of these floating around now. If you need a 313mm I might have a pair of new shells w/o liners.
Have fun.
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You keep saying 'I've done my homework' but it doesn't sound like you've had any of these ON your FOOT. Your 'homework' is seeing how they feel to you, on your foot. Stop reading...Go to qualified bootfitter...try on...
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if you want the older lange plugs I have a 6,7 new for $250.

but really try some on
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I am skiing in the RD. I does not have a high instep and is darn narrow,. 96mm forefoot. Has less forwrad lean and ramp angle then most, go try it on.

It also has a fairly short bootsole length compared to the others in a 27 shell it is only 310mm vs. 314 for the RT & Dobie & 313 for the salomon X2.

I have the X2 also 1 year pre-honeycomb. this boot does not fit the bill for you, lots of instepp room & fairly wide forefoot. maybe a much older Salomon would work.

You must try some boots on & expect to do a lot of grinding & adjusting as stated above, but i agree with you that you want to get a boot that gives you as close as possible to your fore/aft stance initially as possible.
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Thanks for the replies!

I've done my homework means that i have read many threads on plug boots (including Jeff Bergeron's threads). A friend of mine who tried the Atomic told me some things about the plug. I could try only two plugs so far: the Tecnica Diablo R (the full plug) and the Lange WC 150 (RL11).

IMO the Diablo is a narrow boot with a high instep and a lot of forward lean. The stance does not work for me.
The Lange has a wider forefoot than the Diablo. It a higher instep than the Diablo. It has less forward lean, though... but still not ideal.

I agree with you guys that plugs are meant to be ground and that they can be modified. But i want a boot which is better for my need out of the box. At least this is what i am looking for.

If the RD has a low instep this is great news.

I do have two more questions:
Could you guys tell me if the Atomic plug has a lot of forward lean or not? I don't think there is a consensus on this. But i am sure that it has a lower instep.

How do the Dobermanns compare to the Atomics stance-wise? I heard many things. I was even told that the Atomic and Dobermann have the same forward lean.

Thanks again!
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find the best fit, then play w/ shims & bindings..

when you get it right; go to & they can set you up lifters higher in the toe than the heel=upright stance, gas pedal feel
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