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It's winter now !

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Did anyone catch the switch to winter programs on OLN last night. I was sitting around dreaming of skiing when Skiers World came on OLN. It was a repeat from last year but it still helped feed the need!
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I am right there with you. I got to OLN and stoped for three hours. Man I was sooooo juiced! Warren Miller is GOD! I got this overwhelming need to jump off something with ski's on even if there was no snow!!! SOON ENOUGHT THOUGH>
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Great advice, everyone! I've been eagerly checking back here to see what you people have to say, and you've all been so very informative and helpful.

Right now, I'm leaning toward Breckenridge, mostly from the comments I've read on here. Great town, great skiing, and the Breck/Keystone/A-Basin ticket looks unbeatable. I've skied Telluride before, and I love the town and scenery, so that's also a consideration. Also, the advice to get a part time job for the sake of becoming a true "local" is really interesting... I hadn't considered that aspect before, but now it doesn't seem like waiting tables a few nights per week is such a bad idea.

What's especially encouraging is the positive responses from everyone. I expected the typical "stay in school, graduate first, crazy kid" response from a lot of people, but the fact that everyone has had only positive stories to share from their ski bumming days makes me all the surer that this will be an amazing experience. Now, if only I can convince the parents so easily... but hey, taking a year off to go skiing is the type of solid plan that _no_ reasonable parent could object to, right?

I still have another year to go before I take off, so I'm sure you'll be hearing more of more of me, as more questions are bound to pop up. In the meantime, I've gotta grit it out through the rest of the school year and try to keep my thoughts here in Massachusetts, rather than in Summit County. I can already tell, this upcoming winter is going to be like torture! Anyway, thanks a lot everyone.
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And my wife wonders why I "surf" through channels instead of just picking ones to go to. Lingered on OLN MUCH longer last nite than since last spring.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by gooseman:
I got this overwhelming need to jump off something with ski's on even if there was no snow!!! SOON ENOUGHT THOUGH><HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I had this idea the other day, while sitting in the living room looking at the instruments of my overwhemling state of no snow depression.

"If i put two peices of really long 4x4x6 at the peak of my 15 foot house, and a jump at the end of it.... I bet that I can make it on my neibghors roof, then pull a misty out of my ass and land in the bushes... that would work..."
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