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What's a Bogner type, huh?

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Had I gotten into skiing earlier than a few years ago maybe I'd know, but I don't. I see references (not always flattering)(well, okay, never flattering) to Bogner apparel and Bogner "types" and I demand education. What's the deal?
(Okay, I've been to Deer Valley and Aspen and I've seen Bogner gear on folks, and I can draw my own conclusions - - but I wanna be spoon-fed here. So feed me.)
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People into the look instead of the action of ski life. Spend tens of thousands on clothing, gear, trips yet rarely get beyond beginner-intermediate. Like to drop names of 'the best' resorts they have been to. See the Fire & Ice, movie by Willy Bogner himself.

In a lot of ways, the Bogner thing is a Euro thing, like Speedos. Normal there, just not here.

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro...
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A bogner type is one who pays $63.00 for a day pass,takes 3 maybe 4 runs before lunch, all on groomed runs,( and they won't ski unless the sky is blue) takes a 2 hour lunch, takes another 4 runs. Off the hill by no later than 4pm, then sits in the bar and brags they skied 8 runs and got a 20,000 vert in.
I see the Bogner type every day at work. They may look marvalous, but have no clue in what it means to ski your legs off.
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We resortlanders love those Fudgies, eh, Pierre?

I remember Bognerites as the folks looking flashy in the hotel/lodge lobby or bar.

A friend of mine fondly recalls buying Bogner stretchpants one length down from what was prescribed for his height so they'd be less likely to show wrinkles. Helped him recruit private lesson business for the next day.
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Willi Sr's wife virtualy invented stretch pants and turned skiing sexy! Willi's prodigy is mostly responsible for the death of America's (potentially) greatest skier, Buddy Werner.
There is only one person who can ski in Bogz and truly be cool...and he drinks it shaken not stirred!
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Bogner people... That's a favorite phrase of mine.

Think wealthy. Think groomed cruisers. Think midmorning break with Wall Street Journal and Cafe au Lait. Think lingering lunch hour at the white tablecloth restaurant. Think sitting in the base lodge on an epic powder day because it's not a sunny day with groomed trails.

Mom wears Bogner and has averaged over 100 ski days per year over the last decade+ ... first at the Bogner-ful enclave of Snowmass and later at Deer Valley, Bogner headquarters in North America. She started her addiction in Vermont wearing duct tape. She sucks on moguls but she skis powder better than I do so she can only be Bogner-person lite. She now lives full time in Connecticut and I never visit.
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You don't see anyone wearing Bogner in NZ - they sell it here - so I was interested to read the description. I thought Pierre described me when I am not skiing in my own country "a clueless tourist with some money", I am not wealthy but can afford to go overeseas every couple of years so I guess I must have 'some' money (If I was Bogner rich it would be every year.
) and would classify myself a clueless tourist always reading the trail map with every run so I don't miss anything.

But the further descriptions put my mind at rest. Even though I am not one of them, I do support the Bogner crowd - they stay on the groomers and leave more off piste for us. They keep the ski areas profitable because they have the money to spend on extras such as daily private lessons, kids in the creche, and expensive meals. Ski fields don't make much off seasons pass holders, because we only occasionally take lessons, and frequently bring our own lunch. Finally, if their favourite ski area has a few financial problems they may even help bail them out.
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Most of the people I see wearing Bogner where I ski (not too many) are usually good skiers. I see alot more gapers and posers in TNF these days. <FONT size="1">

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Definately agree with ya on that one BG.

I remember riding the gondola at Mammoth a few years back with my wife. A guy jumps in the car with us and he had THE LOOK!

- "Scot Schmidt" style North Face once piece (the yellow and black one).
- Leki extendable poles.
- Lowe climbing pack complete with carabiners attached to every loop.
- Avalanche shovel

He sits down, drops his pack with a crash, and unzips his suit (it was about 45 degrees out and sunny) and I see he's got a walkie talkie strapped to his chest. I didn't see it but I wouldn't doubt it if he had a transciever in there as well.

You can guess the rest of the story: Scmidt-a-bee exits the gonola and procedes to side slip and skid his way down the steep section on top until he can run it out and then points 'em straight and heads out-of-control to the bottom. <FONT size="1">

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To sum it up short and sweet...
Fashion before function, cost no concern.
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From the fudgie comments I would guess Pierre Eh! is a ex-Yooper and Kneale is a troll.<FONT size="1">

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What is a Troll and a Yooper?
Kevin H, that should be in funniest things you've seen...
I rode on a chair once at Taos with a woman who was one of the original Bogner models. She was around 80 years old and having a great time. She loved Taos. I remember she had those early fat Volkl powder skis, but no stretch pants. Wild <FONT size="1">

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A Pataguccia shell on sale at the outlet store in SLC goes for about $150{or less} and is bombproof. But a good sunny day zoomin' groomers fashion statement is a great big sweater with gore windstopper; I have one from Cabella's{the hunting catalog} and , for those lovely Deer Vally outings, one from Dale, which is really warm and functional in spite of its good looks.
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hey rubob,
Welcome aboard. Glad you found us so late after the season ended.
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Thanks dchan; I've been lurking around for awhile; I find the gear talk superb; was looking for some new powder boards last spring and demo'd most of the skis discussed; finally got on a pair of supermountains and it was love... picked up some 186's for $300 at a closeout. I saw the new Volkl's (motion) in shops here in SLC for demo last spring.They look really well designed & sexy; but I've got both P-40 models already so I didn't want to go there. Let's see how they pan out. P.S. the wife is a telechick and we've been checking the sale racks for that perfect Bogner or Nils or Postcard outfit just for a hoot; so far no luck; it's the kneepads. Under or over?
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if your gettin one for kicks,
The Desert Industries store & other thrift stores here sell quite a few.

I would love to see a tele chick in a gold lamme Bogner one peice w/ knee pads on the outside.<FONT size="1">

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If you're looking at the left mitt to determine where you are in Michigan's Lower Peninsula, I'm located at the base of the little finger peninsula. Fudgies are tourists attracted to our resort-town area partly because of the numerous offerings from stores dispensing candy. Mementoes to carry home on your midriff.
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The Bogner Type, it could be for any, several, or all of the below criteria:

Must be stylish.
Must have the figure to carry the fashion.
Must come up with the dough to pay for it.
Must have a certain flair for living, and
be somewhat oriented to the european
lifestyle whether directly, or part time
through frequent travel.
Must be a snob

Note none of the above has anything to do with whether or not they can ski, are able to ski, or are want to learn to ski.
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Ah Wink, you hit the nail on the head, when you say a Bogner type must be a snob.
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