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Snowperformance Summer Race Camp

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Has anyone skied with the Snowperformance group (www.snowperformance.com) or Gavin Kerr Hunter? I was interested in skiing with them at Mt. Hood this summer.
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Gavin does a good job. I haven't attended one of his camps but I know several of the coaches he hires from time to time and know Gavin casually. What are you looking to get out of this? I spend my summers on Mt Hood full time since '98 and have had a good look at lots of the programs that are running up there and have worked for quite a few of them. Tell me more and I'd be happy to confirm that Snowperformance and Gavin are a great choice (because they probably are) or point you in the right direction if there seems to be a better fit.
Have fun
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Gavin is also doing 3 days at Mammoth on a lane right next to the US ski team...for those interested..in a few weeks from now...

I've heard good things about Gavin also.

I'm also interested in hearing about what else is going on at Hood this summer as I'm thinking about attending a camp at some point..but I have no idea. Maybe a race camp. I pretty much thought that was about all they did during the summer.
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Hood should be rocking this summer. I'm sure you know the deal being from Seattle and all but there are lots of different race camps of all shapes and sizes and several good options for bump and park skiers. I'm looking forward to another fun summer up there. I'll be on lane 4 mostly.
Have fun.
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Drove over Govy this AM and Hood looked way good. Palmer is open and plenty of snow on the Magic Mile. Summer Ski, oh yeah.
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