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Yes, Ballet is Life!


Thanks @Philpug and @Trekchick

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Mystery Men:

[Trekchick is trying to eat dinner behind the counter when Finndog approaches to try to strike up a conversation. He notices photographs of skis in the magazine she is reading]

Finndog: You're into skis. 

Trekchick: [uninterested] No, not really. 

Finndog:: Oh. 'Cause I got skis. 

Trekchick:: [She nods without looking up] Yeah, what kind? 

Finndog:: I ski Kastle... 

Trekchick: Kastle! 

Finndog:: [He nods, then lurches into honesty] ... compatible. Kastle-compatible. Basically the same engineering.

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Because today has been called "Force Friday"  could we ski on K2 D2s or on a pair of fat BB-8s?

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^^^ The Force is strong with this one.



Well played, Sir.

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This is a really hilarious scene from Fargo. Not sure changing to to skiing makes it any more funny but anyway....


[Marge enters Jerry's ski shop and goes back to Jerry's office]


Marge: Mr. Lundegaard? Sorry to bother you again. Can I come in?

Jerry: Yah, no, I'm kinda--I'm kinda busy here.

Marge: I understand. I'll keep it real short, then. I'm on my way out of town, but I was just--Do you mind if I sit down? I'm carrying a bit of a load here.

Jerry: No, I--

Marge: Yah, its about these skis I asked you about yesterday. I was just wondering--

Jerry: Yah, like I told ya, we haven't had any skis go missing.

Marge: Okay, are you sure, cause, I mean, how do you know? Because, see, the crime I'm investigating, the perpetrators were skiing with skis that had rental stickers. And they called someone who works here, so it'd be quite a coincidence if they weren't, ya know, 'connected'.

Jerry: Yah, I see.

Marge: So how do you--have you done any kind of inventory recently?

Jerry: The ski's are not from our shop, ma'am.

Marge: But do you know that for sure without--

Jerry: Well, I would know. I'm the Executive Sales Manager!

Marge: Yah, but--

Jerry: We run a pretty tight ship here.

Marge: I understand. Do you do a count, or what kind of a routine do you have here?

Jerry: Ma'am, I answered your question! [Pause]

Marge: I'm sorry, sir?

Jerry: Ma'am, I answered your question. I answered the darned--I'm cooperatin' here! And, I--

Marge: Sir, you have no call to get snippy with me, I'm just doing my job here.

Jerry: I'm... I'm not arguing here! I'm cooperating. So there's no need to--we're doin' all we can here.

Marge: Sir, could I talk to Mr. Gustafson? [Jerry stares at her]

Marge: Mr. Lundegaard?

Jerry: Well, heck, if you wanna--if you wanna play games here! I'm workin' with ya on this thing, but I--Okay, I'll do a damned rack count!

Marge: Sir? Right now? [Jerry puts on his coat and hat]

Jerry: Yeah, right now, you're darned tootin'! If it's so damned imporant to ya!

Marge: Well, I'm sorry sir.

Jerry: Ah, what the Christ! [Jerry is seen out the window skiing away]

Marge: Oh for Pete's sake, he's fleeing the interview! He's fleeing the interview!

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For @Beyond on why we don't have a negative section in our reviews. From Don Juan DeMarco


Don Skier: When I say that skis are dazzling beauties, you object. The shovel of this one is too large; the waist of another, they are too wide; perhaps the tails of a third, they are too small. But I see these skis for how they truly are... glorious, radiant, spectacular, and perfect... because I am not limited by my eyesight. Skis react to me in the way they do, Don Beyond, because they sense that I search out the beauty that lies within until it overwhelms everything else. And then they cannot avoid their desire, to release that beauty of a turn and envelope me in it.

Don Skier: I am Don Skier Pugliese..I have reviewed over 1000 pair of skis

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Amid the chaos of that day, when all I could hear was the skis in the snow, and all I could smell was the powder in the air, I look back and am amazed that my thoughts were so clear and true, that three words went through my mind endlessly, repeating themselves like a broken record: you're so cool, you're so cool, you're so cool. And sometimes Clarence asks me what I would have done if he had died, if that rock had been two inches more to the left. To this, I always smile, as if I'm not going to satisfy him with a response. But I always do. I tell him of how I would want to die, but that the anguish and the want of death would fade like the stars at dawn, and that things would be much as they are now. Perhaps. Except maybe I wouldn't have named our son Saucer Boy.

-True Romance


Dick: Clarence, do you have any idea how much pow you have here? 

Clarence: Nope. Tell me. 

Dick: I don't know, but it's a f**kin' lot.

-True Romance again (that one must have been done already, if not, shame on you all)



Robbie: You hit two cones back there. Those could have been people - - they could have been guests at this ski area!

Sammy: They were cones!

-The Wedding Singer


"Mr. President, I would not rule out the chance to preserve a nucleus of skiers. It would be quite easy at the top of  some of our higher mountains. The warming would never penetrate a mountain some tens of thousands of feet high. And in a matter of weeks, sufficient improvements in lift service could easily be provided." 
"How long would you have to stay up there?" 
"I would think that uh possibly one hundred years." 
"You mean, people could actually stay up there for a hundred years?" 
"It would not be difficult mein Fuhrer! Nuclear snowmaking could, ugh, I'm sorry, Mr. President. Nuclear snowmaking could provide snow almost indefinitely. Greenhouses could maintain plantlife. Animals could be bred and slaughtered. A quick survey would have to be made of all the available alpine sites in the country. But I would guess that dwelling space for several hundred thousand of our people could easily be provided."

"Well I would hate to have to decide who goes up and who stays down." 
"Well, that would not be necessary Mr. President. It could easily be accomplished with a computer. And a computer could be set and programmed to accept factors from youth, health, skiing ability, intelligence, and a cross section of necessary mountaineering skills. Of course it would be absolutely vital that our top government and military skiers be included to foster and impart the required principles of leadership and tradition. Naturally, they would breed prodigiously, eh? There would be much time, and lots to ski. But with the proper breeding techniques and a ratio of say, ten females to each male, I would guess that they could then ski their way back to the present gross national product within say, twenty years." 

- Dr Strangelove & President Merkin Muffley


"Doctor, you mentioned the ratio of ten women to each man. Now, wouldn't that necessitate the abandonment of the so called monogamous sexual relationship, I mean, as far as men were concerned?" 
"Regrettably, yes. But it is, you know, a sacrifice required for the future of the skiing race. I hasten to add that since each man will be required to do prodigious service along these lines, the women will have to be selected for their sexual characteristics which will have to be of a highly stimulating nature"

-Dr. Strangelove and General Turgidson. 

-Dr. Strangelove or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.



Once again, sorry if its been done.



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