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Happy Birthday skier31

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Happy Birthday!!!

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Happy Birthday, skier31! Ski like a girl, indeed!
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Thanks, just treated myself to a new pair of Nordica skis.
They should help me ski more like a girl, although, they don't have flowers.
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So, you really did like those Nordicas. You deserve 'em for sure. Just make sure the bindings are set right!! wink, wink.
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All that hiking for 1 turn ....
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Happy Birthday. Are you now skier32?
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skier30 - I'm going downhill.
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Skier 31,

Add our birthday wishes to everyone elses. We get better as we mature!!

B & K
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Many happy returns (and happy turns on those Nordicas)!
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Happy 30th! hahahaha
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Happy birthday.

I've hired Harald AND John Mason to arrive at your door this eve to shake their moneymaker.

It'll all start with a little lifting and lightening. Where you take it from there is up to you.
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Happy birthday, Nancy. I like your math!
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