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Classic Italian

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Thought you roadies would like to see a Classic.
88' SLX
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Purty! My steel frame was built in '89 and is a combination of SLX and SPX. It's set up as a single-speed these days.
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must be larger then my 57cm?
what's the frame?
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No, smaller. About 55...but I'm heavy so I had SPX used in a few places... It was built by Colin Laing a Brit in Arizona.

He built under the "Colian" label back then.
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I met Colin in 1976, when we visited his shop after a race in Tucson. Wonderful bikes.

My custom steel frame was made in England by Condor in 1981.
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Just checked out the Colin site.
Very nice.
Steel is real!
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Hey, c-issimo, you any good at adjusting those deltas?

Now, that's talent to brag about.
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I'm not but have a buddy who is very good although I haven't done anything to that bike in years. It mostly sits on the rack in my home office like art.I do need to take it out though. I remember it taking 3 hands to do it.
What have you got?
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Originally Posted by Phil Pugliese
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Alan Record, now with 7400 DA
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I've got pics of the Colian around here somewhere...
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Saroni Super, with Omas BB / Modolo Speedy / Campy Nuovo record.

Vintage 1978.
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Originally Posted by BigE
Saroni Super, with Omas BB / Modolo Speedy / Campy Nuovo record.

Vintage 1978.
Go Giuseppe
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yay, a steel bike thread...but not just Italians...well my tubing is Italian and my BB and dropouts are too, Cinelli...
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Oh I forgot, Cinnelli bars !
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I made the steel hoss into a single for kicks...when I get bored with carbon...otherwise It'd just be retired.
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I've got an '84 Pinarello Treviso Equipe- the same bike that Alexi Grewal won the LA olympic road race gold on and the same frame that Battaglin won the '81 Giro on (that bike is on display at a shop in Seattle and has a custom triple for the mountains, with 36/43/54 chainrings (If I remember correctly) using a specially modified Campy SR derraileur). Mine is mostly Nuovo Record and Super Record, with Suntour Superbe Pro brakes (I had to save money somewhere), Ambrosio sewup rims. I changed the SL pedals to Looks a while back. But I'll trade for one of those carbon fiber DeRosa's!!
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When I figure out how to post pix here, I'll show you my 1975 Bill Boston custom, all 531, with hand tapered lugs and seatstays that disappear into the seat cluster. About 7 years ago I had the rear cold set to 130 mm by Tom Kellogg so I could use 9 spd ergo, and he painted it Ferrari red and recreated the BB decals. It's now retired, since I gave myself a Kellogg Spectrum Ti as a retirement present. Now I have to talk the wife into letting it become wall art.
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