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Does snowbird offer good skiing for a beginner? I have never been there and I have been skiing all m life but my wife is a level 3 almost level 4 cautious skier. Would snowbird be okay for her?
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In one word NO! The Bird is a great mountain but it can be very intimidating to a low level skier. Take her to Alta , Brighton, Solitude or Deer Valley. Your best bet would be to get her into a ski clinic. Let her discover her own comfort level.
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While Snowbird has improved their beginner terrain in recent years, it can stilll be quite daunting for a lower intermediate/beginner.
Many more advanced trails empty into the beginner areas and can scare the bejeezus out of a more cautious skier ( I learned to ski at snowbird and my mother refuses to ski there for this reason, and the snowboarders)
Alta on the other hand has a wonderful, l ong mellow beginner area of the mountain. They also have wonderful instructors, many of them women, who could make skiing a joy for your wife.
She might really enjoy Snowbird after a confidence building day or 2 @ Alta, but first day off the plane it could be very bad.
Go and experience both resorts, or if you have time, add Solitude to the List, and Snowbasin.....
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We didn't have any beginners with us when we went to Solitude, but Solitude seems like a steep mountain if someone is just starting out. The runs are groomed well, but the greens seemed steep for beginners. For BCC, Brighton seemed better (IMHO) for beginners than Solitude.

Alta has some good runs for beginners off both the Sunnyside and Cecret lifts. Lots of beginners don't make their way to the Cecret lift because it seems "further up the mountain". But they should. Some short, but nice and easy, tree-lined runs. And they dump out at Alf's Lodge, which is right there at the base of the Cecret lift. They can quit and have a bite to eat, rest, drink, and get right back out on the lift, no problem.

Another issue at Snowbird for beginners is the lodge layout. It's a real pain if you drive past the first available parking lot and park at the main lodge. Which you might have to do if you're renting equipment. Lots of carrying equipment up/down stairs, through parking lots, etc...

Park City has good beginner stuff also.
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It's not in the Cottonwood Canyons but PCMR has a great long beginner run in Homerun.
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In a word NO! Snowbird has a total of 1 run truly suitable for beginners and it's called Chickadee which is between two of the lodges.

I agree with the others that there's much more suitable terrain at Alta & Brighton for the Cottonwood Canyons and all of the Park City areas.
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With re to Park City areas, my wife didn't like The Canyons as it only had one slow lift that had green runs. If you're a halfway decent skiier, you wouldn't even notice it as there are plenty of easy blues, but my wife who is probablya terminal Level 3 or so, noticed. A matter of fact, she noticed so much that she was yelling and cursing me when I took her on some blues off Tombstone lift for a first run of the day. I would never consider taking her to Snowbird no matter how comfortable she seems after a few days as Snowbird strikes me as an intimidating ski area (Lots of good skiiers and steep runs) for even an aspiring intermediate. For whatever it's worth, my wife loved Brighton. Lots of easy cruisers.
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Snowbird is difficult for even a legitimate intermediate. And a lot of the intermediate runs can resemble catwalks!

Unless you are an advanced skier and comfortable off the groomed, Snowbird is probably too tough.
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