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Checking Out for now

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My last day in the store was yesterday. I will be on the pro leisure tour for the summer, skiing during May, then backpacking, fishing, and general sloth until September.

Once I get squared away with internet service in Truckee I will be back online to follow all the great doings at Epic. Until then.......

Thanks to Epic for allowing me to be here, and post fat headed opinions (and also market our business)

Thanks to all the Bears who have corresponded, dropped in, referred others and generally helped our business.

As dugout Doug said........"I shall Return".....................

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Have a good summer Jim, thanks for the inside scoop on the ski industry trade show.
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Looking forward to your insight when you return. Until then......ENJOY!
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See you!

Have a great summer SJ.

I know you will update your fellow Bears w/ your impressions of the 2007 Skis you will be checking out this month. ( when time permits)

I look forward to your comments,




Don't forget the Nordica Enforcer if you get a chance to ride one!!
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