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Rossi Z9 or?

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Next season I'm interested in getting a carver for the groomers and spending time w/my kids, spouse and friends who don't ski off piste, and will hopefully compliment my B3's. I prefer something that won't kill me at lower speeds, but has to be stable at speed as I do love to fly down the groomers when the kids/wife have had enough.

If you don't already know, I'm 5' 10", 205lbs (hopefully 185lbs next season), level 7-8 skiier.

I'm considering the Rossi Zenith Z9, or one of the Atomic Metron series and possibly something from Dynastar, but I'm open to anything, except K2 (the whole China thing) as I'm not well versed in this category of ski.
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Just a quick thought, E-bay has some 182cm Dynastar Intuitive 71's at a steal of a price. It's a real good groomer ski that can even venture off piste a bit. [ I believe it's 109-71-100] The vertical sidewall on it is real nice.
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Might want to consider Volkl Allstars for a compliment to your B3's. Demo and you will buy
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Once you demo the allstars, you will think you have died and gone to heaven
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If you get a Metron, you will retain your ability to go off piste while doing well on the groomers.
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As only the metron can provide , i am sure..What does he need a Metron for ,he has a B-3? Fischer RX-9 is another good choice for what you are looking at
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The Z9 rocks on groomers, the harder the snow... the better.
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Now you got some stuff to demo. Try to compare on same day for best analysis.
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Demo the Volkl All Star, the Rossi Z9, the Dynastar Contact 11, and the Head Super Shape.

All are great skis and I would bet that one of them would feel perfect for you.
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You want a "pure" carver?
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