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Dynastar 8000 Fiber and Red

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Whats the difference between the 8000 fiber and the 8000 red?
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I was just about to ask the same thing.

Along the same lines...What's a better all around ski for someone who spends 50/50 on/off piste out west, the 8800 or the 8000?
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50% off-piste? 8800.
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Legend 8000

Is the legend 8000 any good in moguls for a wide waist? Does the soft tip and tail really help with forgiveness in the moguls? I'm 6"1' and 200lbs even, should I go with the 178?

Still wondering whats the difference between the Fiber and the Red.
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The Legend 8000 is one of the better wide waisted mogul skis and yes, go for the 178.
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Just need a pair of boots to go with it

Assuming that the boot fits my foot, which boot do you guys recommend to accompany the 8000. The Lange Comp 120 FR, Lange Comp 100 FR or the Lange CRL 90 FR and how do these compare to the Tecnica Diablo FLames? Thanks for the advise.
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The Lange Comp 100 FR probably has the most appropriate flex for what you are trying to do. Don't know much about the Diablo.
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I demo'd a pair in fiber and ended up buying a red pair. I never got to ski them back to back but everything I've read says the fiber is a bit softer. If you go to the Dynastar website you can get a ski selector which will choose the red if you give more advanced answers vs fiber for less agressive skier. I'm 5-11 185 and have the 178, it's plenty long enough, I wouldn't go longer. They are a blast in soft bumps and ok in harder ones, better than other midfats I tried.
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So it would be safe to say that the fiber would handle the moguls a little better then the Red due to its softer flex? What other skis have you guys skied that are comparable to the 8000's and what are some of the differences you noticed?
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I was under the impression that the red and fiber were the exact same ski, with the red being the left overs from a piss poor 2004-2005 sales season. I definitely could be wrong, but I have skied both and I didn't notice any difference. I own a pair of older Atomic R:Ex, have skied Rossi B3's, Volkl Ac4, Volkl Karma, k2 public enemy, k2 apache recon and I would have to say that the Legend 8000 is probably the best out of the bunch if you're looking for a midfat that is decent in the bumps. If you get them, you won't be disapointed. A 178 is probably the way to go, but if you spend more than 50% of the time on the groomers than I would feel comfortable recommending a 170, even with you being 6'1". I thought the 8000 was very easy to ski, more so than the others I tested and they were extremely stable. They were quick into the turn, but not out of the turn and had a nice damp feel that seems pretty typical of Dynastars.

As far as boots go, I would say go with either the 100 FR, or 120 FR. Just be honest with yourself and determine what kind of skiing you will be doing the most. If you're a hard charger, go with the 120s. The Tecnica Diablo Flame falls somewhere between the 100 and 120, and is now sold as the Diablo Magnesium. I own a pair of the magnesiums and they quite simply are the best pair of boots I've ever used. BUT that's because they fit my feet. I can't recommend one boot over the other because it all comes down to fit. If your foot is narrow, then you are a canidate for Lange. Just go into a shop to get sized up though, even if you don't want to buy from them.
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I owned 04 8000's, think they were nice in bumps for that wide a ski, but nose was a bit stiff to say they're a great bump ski.

Asked factory rep about the 05 red/fiber thing, he said they were same ski, different run to experiment with different cosmetics, didn't know how the stiffness idea got started. But several dealers confidentally told me the red one WAS stiffer, according to THEIR rep, and had a much smaller production run because the fiber model was predicted to be better for most skiers. Sounds as if even the folks at Dynastar can't get their stories straight. Or don't want to. Called creating a buzz...
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I've got to correct myself. I was thinking of last year's tecnica fire when I was referring to this year's flame. So last year's fire is this year's magnesium. My bad. The flame is probably a little softer than the Lange 100 fr, but designed with the same type of skier in mind.
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they are the same ski, same flex, same construction, same everything but graphic.....
just like the pro model troublemakers(phils/crichtons) are the exact same ski as the inline TMs....
and that is all....
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Here are how I think the changes were for the L8K:
  • Initial run was what we call the "red" graphics (IMHO, a fantastic looking set of graphics, but then I have an orange road bike);
  • 1/2 way through initial run, a major change happened:
    • the initial initial run had edges ending about 2 cm south of the tips; with composite material with steel internal edge toward the cap
    • the secondary initial run had the red graphic + the edge now ran all the way under the cap at ski tip
  • toward end of first year, beginning second year, skis shipped in both graphics with original hull cap being bolted into (but not trough ski)
  • second run in second year, saw bolts through cap and through ski to bottom surface, w/ "nut.").
  • Next year 2007/08, we'll get the new surface, new edge, and new graphic.
  • I've heard a number of times that the year will be stiffer than last year; (I don't believe it, entirely).
  • If they made an 8K stiffer by a bit, lots of folks would be seriously happy.
All my opinion.

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