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Earl Woods Dies 5/3/06

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Saddly, Earl Woods dies today, leaving behind the legacy of being a great father, coach, and mentor.

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Heard ealier today. The man has done a lot in his life, he left nothing on the table. I am glad he is no longer suffering.
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Don't know about Earl's claim that Tiger will change the world, but Tiger was so white hot popular after that first Masters victory that I feared he would be killed like John Lennon.
Sounds like Earl used Vietnam era psychological warfare techniques to increase Tiger's mental toughness.
I've seen the footage of Tiger's age two appearance on the Mike Douglas show. He is truly a Mozart of the golf world.
Tiger was trained well, but he was also gifted. Great golfers are made AND born.
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Earl thanks for the gift you and Tida gave the world. May you rest in peace. May Tiger and Tida be comforted knowing you are now in God's care and no longer suffering.
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Toll I saw an obit on local TV here in Topeka I didn't realize Earl had played baseball for Kansas State and was the first African American player in the Big Eight.
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I didn't know Tiger Woods was a skier?

Sorry I guess I've been on the wrong planet. Here are a couple quotes I've seen recently with the news about his father's death that refer to this:
1. In his early years on tour, Woods said, he was too caught up in the game, virtually devoid of any outlets for releasing the pressure. Now, there's diving, there's spear-fishing and marriage, which has brought on another challenge.
"Being married to a Swede, you have to ski, no choice," Woods said.
Woods quickly allowed that his handicap on the slopes would be "in the single digits," leading to a question as to whether he finds himself competing as fiercely in his other pursuits as he does on the golf course.
"Always, always, always," Woods said. "Life is not fun unless you're competing and trying to do something."
2. "He never, ever gives anything other than 100 per cent in anything he does," says his coach, Hank Haney. "Whether it be his golf swing, skiing down a mountain or free-diving [his latest passion] Tiger is constantly trying to figure out ways to get better. That's just the way he is."

Check out these photos of father and son. The fourth photo in this group (if you can view it) kills me. It shows a 20 year old Tiger announcing he is turning pro at Greater Milwaukee Open in 1996. Behind the podium you can see that he is holding his father's hand during the announcement.
Earl Woods, 1932-2006
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